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Dec 6, 2010 07:40 PM

How many calories in that tasting menu?

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  1. Should anyone really be thinking about calories when they splurge on a tasting menu? Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we may diet!

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    1. re: Caroline1

      Well, I know sometimes I am curious ... not from a "weight-loss" or weight-control viewpoint, but just out of (morbid?) curiosity.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        I sometimes am morbidly curious as well. All subjects, not just food. I wonder how they know the amount of calories without knowing the specifics.

        Sometimes I say out loud "Ooooh this is gonna cost me" much to the irritation of my table mates. I have learned to zip it otherwise they use it as an excuse to underpour my wine glass... to help me with my calories. Crafty and evil.

    2. I am glad I do not have to hang out with Erin Palinski. She looks sweet, but I suspect otherwise.

      1. I'm actually surprised how few calories there were per number of courses.

        1. Big thumbs down on the article. It's an "estimate" that was guessed at by looking at the menu, ingredients and pictures of the food (if they went that far). It doesn't even come close to resembling good science.

          At the very least, actually GO TO THE RESTAURANT AND SEE/EAT THE FOOD FIRST HAND before giving us estimates. If you want real cred, take the food to a lab and get actual data!

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          1. re: ediblover

            And another thumbs down for them not knowing how to use affect/effect correctly.

          2. The article gives you something to think about and how we over-indulge (even when we mean to). These tasting menus are another example of why American have so many food-related health problems. While you rarely see the obese cheeto-eating man getting a tasting a menu, I bet a lot of the men (and women) in the nice Armani suits who do eat at these places are on lipitor. Just sayin'...

            BTW, the calorie content of what most American is much lower for females, especially for those who are middle-aged and don't participate in hardcore cardio on a daily basis.