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Dec 6, 2010 07:23 PM

good indian/thai/asian near brooklyn heights?

i have a friend staying at the brooklyn marriot and we want to meet for dinner 'near' brooklyn heights. ... could be boerum hill or cobble hill or even dumbo. she requested indian as a 1st choice or thai or any good asian. any suggestions?


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  1. Yeah- go to Chinatown lol.

    Indian, Thai, and Asian are worse than awful in any of those neighborhoods.


    What I would suggest- if she insists on eating in BH/BH/CH- is to bag the idea of ethnic dining and just pick a continental restaurant- there are a few good ones of those.

    Or, even better: hop in a cab and go to Red Hook to The Good Fork.

    Have the Steak and Kimchee dish (hey, it's Korean!) and enjoy one of the best places within a 5 mile radius.

    It's such a cool place- and a 10 minute car ride from the Brooklyn Marriot.

    The Good Fork
    391 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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    1. re: twan55

      This has been pretty much discussed ad nauseum at this point.

      Absolutely no good Indian in the vicinity, please don't let anyone tell you Curry Heights is good.

      The neighborhood is filled with many mediocre Thai places. If you must have Thai food, you can pick Joya for its scene, Em for its spicy menu, or Nine-D for overall decency. Avoid Lemongrass and Cafe Chili.

      Stay away from all Chinese unless you only want dim sum, in which case Chance is perfectly fine. Or, like twan55 suggested, hop in an $8 cab ride and head to Chinatown.

      If I had to make one 'Asian' recommendation in the vicinity, it would hands down be Hibino. Definitely the best quality sushi, great house-made tofu, creative appetizer specials, I truly believe it's one of the very, very few great restaurants in our neighborhood.

      333 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    2. Totally agree with twan55. I work in the Heights so know the restaurant landscape well, and there is just no good Chinese to be had. And the Indian restaurant on Remsen is depressing inside and not even really good for take out. Iron Chef at 92 Clark isn't bad; has a nice cozy environment and good, not great sushi. If you really want to stay in Bklyn Heights then I suggest Jack the Horse Tavern at 66 Hicks. It's in a really charming part of Brooklyn Heights and it's a lovely place to spend time on a winter evening. Food is sort of gastro-pub vibe, a little of everything, and again, good but not great. But it's definitely among the best in the neighborhood for a visit with an out of town friend.

      Jack the Horse Tavern
      64 Hicks St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

      Iron Chef House
      92 Clark St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

      1. Although I agree with the other responders about the BH area not having any Indian restaurants worth going to, I think that "good Asian" can be found at Hibino (Henry off Atlantic). It's Japanese, but not a sushi place. Very solid. Also, if you're looking for interesting "ethnic", then you may also want to consider Yemen Cafe or Waterfalls on Atlantic Ave. Some folks like Tutt Cafe in Bklyn Hts but I havent been so I cant say.

        333 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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        1. re: Steve R

          ok...convinced re brheights. but what about decent indian in the surrounding neighborhoods. or even a pan-asian in dumbo???
          not interested in mideast fare this time.

          1. re: redgirl

            there arent really any good indian in downtown Brooklyn, . The neighborhoods is peppered with mediocre places which focus mainly on being a takeout utility. The yemeni places would be a little more interesting and give you some spices, rice and lamb, at least.

            If you are interested in the best of a middlling bunch, I guess the folks living right around there can recommend. Otherwise Id go elsewhere.

            1. re: redgirl

              Quite simply, there is no good Indian in the neighborhoods surrounding Brooklyn Heights. Seriously.

              Any pan-Asian place in the neighborhood will be very mediocre, there's not a single one I would actually recommend you to go to. There's a ton of restaurants in the vicinity, and with the exception of a few standouts (none of which are Indian or Pan-Asian), they're almost all exceedingly average.

              1. re: redgirl

                There are an abundance of Indian restaurants in the Brooklyn Heights/B.Hill/C.Hill/ C.Gardens area and even more in Prospect Hts/Park Slope. Several are really bad (ie; Amin on Montegue) but the others are just very weak (Curry Heights). Since this is CH, we're all just saying that, if you're not just looking for a place with edible food but a place that serves good to great food, there's nothing that fits the description in the area at all. For Chinese, you could take a chance on Chance (Smith St)... I've always found the food a notch above mediocre and it's a nice place. By the way, I'm sure you know that the Marriott is probably almost as convenient to Manhattan C'town as it is to Smith St. And almost just as walkable (nice walk for a visitor over either bridge).

                1. re: Steve R

                  Beautiful weather to walk over the bridge right now Steve...

                  You're right though-- check out the Yemeni food on Atlantic.

            2. Grab a cab and go to one of the many great Chinese or Vietnamese restaurants in Manhattan's Chinatown. It is very close. Qualifies as 'near'.