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Dec 6, 2010 05:57 PM

Sao Paulo Recs for Solo Traveler

I'm planning a business trip to Sao Paulo next week and will be staying at the Hilton near the WTC. I'm traveling by myself and don't plan to be too adventerous as far as traveling to far out locations for food. Are there any good recommendations for something that's walking distance from the hotel? I'd say my budget is about US$40-US$50 for dinner but I am also looking for juice bars, pizza, cheap eats in the area if they are good.

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  1. There's a por kilo(food by the kilo) at Rua Oswaldo Casimiro Muller,199. Dona So 8 blocks from your hotel

    You're a short cab ride to Fogo de Chao and Jardineira Grill.

    There are a lot of places in Itaim Bibi. How far can you walk?Are cabs out ?

    You're right by Morumbi shopping where you might find a branch of Pao de Queijo. A paderia.

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      I can probably walk about 15 minutes out of my way as long as it's safe for a solo female. Our local office has warned colleagues not to walk anywhere so I am a bit hesitant to go too far out of my way or if they are paranoid. A taxi is fine as long as it's within a short distance.

      1. re: Mari

        I was sort of wondering if streetgourmetla was mentioning the walking with regards to chowing during the day even though it is daylight time in Brazil and light until around 7:30 now. Morumbi is a high end neighborhood, with a large favela above it but further north than you from what I recall. Itaim Bibi is another higher end neighborhood, particularly with a good amount of nightlife and more restaurants, but I wouldn't consider it a walking area at night (like the Jardins during the day, even Vila Madalena where a couple or small group could safely walk between bars). My recommendation would be to get a taxi and take it directly to/from the restaurant. You can even have the restaurant call a radiotaxi for something a bit more sure than hailing a cab on the street, although you definitely pay more. I think he is on the right track as far as locations, but won't suggest walking at night in Sampa.

        The Shopping Morumbi has more options than just Casa de Pao de Queijo, in fact I think it has an American chain restaurant. Having spent a whole afternoon there waiting once, its really not that exciting though. I am pretty certain during the happy hour time they have live voz e viola in the atrium, with a few bars in sort of a food court there but you can order brazilian bar food. Its actually fairly popular for Brazilian women to go to such mall areas for a beer after work -- safer than a bar, you can people-watch (right now it'll be in full christmas swing). So that is about all I could recommend unless you want to browse bookstores as its got at least one decent one (the CD shops there don't have the selection of a FNAC, not much beyond what your streetcorner bootleg sells).

        If you were to get together with a few colleagues it might widen your options. With a group it could be worth a trip to Feijoa de Corda Sorrocoro (about 20 minutes depending on traffic). There is safe, its right by the lake, with a huge selection of food from the Northeast of Brazil -- more interesting for a group than Fogo de Chao. If you are into live music with a few people you can wander around Vila Madalena, although keep in mind that in Brazil people go out late. You could combine that easily with a stop for pizza, which can also be ordered in (My friends in Morumbi had a good place for delivery). Aside from nighttime street food (hamburgers, hot dogs) and bar food (porcoes/petiscos) cheap eats is more of a day thing. So the after-work hour might be best for that, but choose a bar conservatively, if alone its extra security if you order drinks they can open tableside (mineral waters, beer in a bottle or can) and refuse if pre-opened.

        1. re: itaunas

          Agree with itaunas, the Brazilian malls are fun, I enjoy the people watching.

          If you've never done a churrascaria in Brasil, I believe you should and Fogo de Chao is great, as is Jardineira Grill. Going to Fogo de Chao in Brasil is not like going in the US.If you've done a churrascaria before in Brasil, by all means, branch out.

          Vila Madalena is a blast, but a taxi is needed for sure. Have your hotel call a cab, and have the restaurant get you a cab for the ride home.

          Colher de Pau is a great northeastern restaurant in Pinheiros, next to Itaim Bibi, another upscale area.

          I love walking at night in Sampa, but a single female traveler should be in a cab in the evening. Be aware of the bandeira 1 and bandeira 2 times, so you don't get overcharged. Bandeira 2 is the night rate, can't remember the exact time.

          1. re: streetgourmetla

            Thank you both. It looks like I will have enough to entertain myself at the shopping center at least. Amor Aos Pedacos looks intriguing. I'll have to check that out.

    2. Morumbi shopping has a Chopp da Brahma bar, beer from a wooden cask, from the brand Brahma.There's a branch of the churrascaria Esplanada Grill, and desserts and savories at Amor Aos Pedacos. There are a ton fo dining options at Morumbi shopping, moslty chain and international, but a few gems. There's even a couple fo contemporary restaurants.