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Dec 6, 2010 03:46 PM

Report: Alex

I have been meaning to post my recent experience at Alex.

Overall an excellent experience but I did have a few issues.

My biggest issue, which may not be a problem for others, was that the server was too deferential. It was a bit too much for my personal dining taste.

The other issue I had was the fact that we were still looking over the wine list and had yet to order wine or dinner from the menu when the amuse bouche showed up. So here I am with a phone book sized wine list and the dinner menus on the table when the amuse bouche is placed in front of us. I had really hoped to get the ordering out of the way before receiving food. The fact that this plate of food came within a few minutes of being seated was a turn-off.

I wish I could give a better description of the amuse bouche offering but I was eating while looking at the wines, as well as figuring out what to eat.

We were debating between the Taste of Wynn menu or just going a la carte.

Maybe the fact that we inquired about the Taste of Wynn was cause for the rocky start. Don't get me wrong the service was very professional but not as personable as I like.

The Taste of Wynn was offering the a la carte dishes we were interested in having so we went that route.

We started with the gnocchi with chicken oysters - the gnocchi were phenomenal. Very light yet rich and creamy in texture. A great dish.

We followed with the Snake River Farms Waygu. Medallions of med. rare beef surrounded by a crisp well salted crust. The meat was buttery delicious.

The dessert was a warm chocolate tart which was very good but not mind blowing.

Overall a great experience. We had a quiet corner table and the service was solid and the food was excellent. The pacing of the meal was very good except for the amuse bouche.

I had rather high expectations for this meal and it came close to meeting them. If the service was a little less stiff and a little more personable. It the amuse bouche hadn't come to the table quite so quickly and we were allowed to order and settle in before it arrived it would have made it.

However, I really enjoyed the meal and wouldn't hesitate to go back.

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  1. Sounds like a great meal. Although I've not experienced my amuse being delivered to my table too quickly at Alex, I've had the same experience at other restaurants. Yes, it's annoying if I'm still reading the wine list, and it's a big list. I place the wine list on the table, enjoy the amuse, and when done, go back to my wine list reading. I don't let this ruin my evening. I've actually found the service at Alex to be among the best in any restaurant world-wide; that's why I'm planning to return in April.

    1. What you got wasn't an Amuse Bouche. Those were canapes that every guest recieves before their meal. Those are things to taste while you are looking at menus and discussing with your table what you plan for the evening at the restaurant. The amuse is given after that and before your first course but because you ordered the Taste of Wynn of Wynn, they skip the Amuse Bouche- mainly because it's designed for people who want to get in and get out in time before a show (that's why its offered at the beginning of service) and plus it's a lot cheaper than the regular pre fixe, farmers market, or tasting menu.

      There's many reasons why Alex received 2 Michelin Stars but a few of them are because of the great add ons to the dining experience like the Canapes, an Amuse Bouche, a pre dessert, petit fours, warm madelienes, and take home macaroons. It's truly designed to make guests feel special and happy.

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      1. re: JWest

        Ah, thanks for the clarification. You are right we did not receive the Amuse Bouche, a pre dessert, petit fours, or warm madelienes. We did receive the macaroons.

        In that case the timing of the canapes seems appropriate but was still cumbersome at the time.

          1. re: shamu613

            Not until after Saturday. I checked The Wynn website yesterday, and there were still reservations available at Alex through Friday. If anyone wants a fantastic meal, I highly recommend it. If NYC weren't about to be hit with another snowstorm tonight, I'd be booking a quick flight to LV to enjoy one last meal at Alex.

            1. re: ellenost

              Sad that Alex is closing. I know the economy is in the toilet, but a strange move.

              Was the restaurant not filling up?

              Steve Wynn's move lately, at least in regards of the food & beverage side, seem a little strange.

              1. re: Eastwind

                Unfortunately in my four visits during the past three years, I had never seen the restaurant more than half full (although I was never there on either Friday or Saturday nights when they may have done better). The current menu at Alex looks exquisite; really wish I could have had dinner one last time.