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Dec 6, 2010 03:42 PM

Foxwoods- best moderately priced restaurants?

Want good value, if possible, and even a little romantic. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. Too late to change to Mohegan Sun? Much better food and atmosphere there.

    1. I agree, you really need to change to Mohegan Sun! I will give you at least 4! ( You can still stay at Foxwood's, but eat at Mohegan. Experience both places. The food is Way better at Mohegan, I am sorry to say. I go very often to both places myself ( w/my husband ), and we are never disappointed with the choices we make at Mohegan. Let us know!

      1. I have to agree about Mohegan Sun. We were at Foxwoods last week. We did Craft which was awesome, That and David Burke are great, but expensive. For casual dining, there is really nothing good. We did Hard Rock, Juniors Deli at MGM, and Veranda Cafe. Just ok. Really nothing that you are looking for. 15 min. ride to Mohegan. I would definately recommend that.

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          OK, OK, hit me with Mohegan recs.

          1. re: newshound22

            I think your best bet is to type Mohegan Sun Resturants and search for yourself, they are all really wonderful. But our definite favorites are Todd English and Bobby Flay's new place, ( you can see both menu's online ) If you like Mexican, they have a wonderful moderate priced place that makes your guacamole right at your table. Food was very good. not too loud!
            Also, if you want less expensive food, but very good Michael Jordan's steak house is great, as well as Bobby Flays casual dining place. ( Not his Bar Amaracan, his casual food spot!) There is also a wonderful BBQ and Seafood Restaurant (more casual) available.
            You really need to go online and read -up!!!
            Let -Us know where you end up, and how you liked it. Good Luck!

            1. re: temilove

              I agree. We love Bobby Flay's and Michael Jordans. If that is too expensive, we have had some really great meals at Michael Jordan's Sports Bar. It is definately not loud, and the food is really good,
              Good Luck!

              1. re: catrn

                I had a Bobby's Blue Burger last weekend at Bobby's Burger Palace. I told DH that it was the best burger I've had in my lifetime. Really! He said the shakes were to die for.

            2. re: newshound22

              What price range are you operating in? 'Moderately priced' means very different things to different people, of course. We talking $25 entrees or $25 dinner for two or..?