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Dec 6, 2010 03:17 PM

Basta Pasta Quincy - meh

Haven't been here in awhile and stopped by for dinner the other night. They seated us near the door because they were holding several good, empty tables for people with reservations. Fair enough but it was freezing where they sat us.

Ordered the beet salad as an appetizer and the arugla they serve the beets on was virtually spoiled...light green, full of spots...NOT fresh. I mentioned to waitress (we ate the beets and goat cheese on top of argula) and she just shrugged her shoulders as she cleared the plate.

They have removed all the blackboard special pasta dishes so many of the things we used to like to order were no longer is now menu only.

I ordered the bolonese and had to ask the waitress to please bring a side of grated cheese (I remember they have this stingy bad habit of giving you a sprinkling of cheese and that is all you get) she came to the table with a tiny dish of grated cheese. I am not looking to cover my plate with grated cheese but come on...why not let the customer put on what they like? Is this really going to break the bank?

I am feeling like they are starting to cut corners and that they are on their way out...anyone else have a similar experience?

Basta Pasta
150 Hancock St, Quincy, MA 02171

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  1. I gave up on it because of their inconsistent hours. Twice I tried going for lunch as the posted hours on the website said they were open, only to find them closed up tight. My one and only experience there early on was meh and I was going to give them a second chance.