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Dec 6, 2010 03:16 PM

Where to buy steak

I am looking to purchase prime bone-in ribeye steak for someone on my Christmas list. I have heard terrible reviews of Omaha Steaks and mediocre reviews of Kansas City Steak Co.

Can anyone recommend a place where I can buy quality prime bone-in ribeye steak in the Boston area? I don't really know much about shopping for steak, but would prefer to buy something from a local place than mail order it from one of the online steak companies. If it makes any difference, I don't need it to be shipped anywhere (if I mail order, I'm shipping it to myself and then dropping it off on xmas day). It definitely needs to be USDA prime, though.

I live on the south shore and have Roxie's and Hilltop Butcher Shop nearby... are either of those worth buying from? Or are there any other places you recommend in the greater Boston area (I'm willing to drive!)?


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  1. Call John Dewars Butchers in Newton Center and tell them what you want -- they can get it for sure. They may advise you to go with dry-aged (not sure if it's prime or not but it's to die for) -- I always take their advice, they really know what they are doing. IMO they have the best meat available in the Greater Boston area, and extremely helpful and nice as well.

    1. I've had some great beef from River Rock Farm. I picked it up in Cambridge. This was about 7 years ago, so I can't comment on if they are maintaining their standards or if it is available for pickup in Cambridge anymore.

      River Rock Farm
      81 Five Bridge Rd, Brimfield, MA

      1. Both good ideas. I like River Rock but I'm not sure they're rated prime (it's a voluntary USDA rating)..grass fed and tasty. I'd add Savenor's to your list. Both choice and prime can be dry aged..avoid wet aged.

        As to having it shipped to you and then you deliver; I think it's a major mistake. If we have a warm day or something should go wrong..and you can't make delivery, you're on the hook. Leave the shipping to the pros. They're better at it, pack it properly and if there's a mistake, it's Savenors or Dewars problem and not yours.

        All of these vendors will make good if there is a problem,

        1. I would go to Argentina or Japan, but I'm a vegetarian.

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            The Meat House in Coolidge Corner has aged prime. Call ahead.

          2. Costco carries USDA Prime bone-in standing rib roast during the holiday season.

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            1. re: treb

              Ditto Costco. Or find some grass fed steaks from local farms...

              You can also hit Dewars for aged prime but it sure gets small when it's dry aged :-P

              1. re: Spike

                both cooks illustrated and barbara tropp say that you can dry age your beef at home.

                I do.

                1. re: cambridgedoctpr

                  I've done this as well using the cheesecloth in fridge for a few days technique. Seems to upgrade the taste one level (i.e., Choice tastes like Prime...or makes ribeye taste like NY strip).

                    1. re: cambridgedoctpr

                      I've dry aged at home also..contributed to this WSJ article with some general tips, cleanliness, keeping out outside odors and keeping the meat at slightly cooler temps than a reg fridge. it's been argued all over these boards, but I've only had 1 miscue over many tries..because of a fridge that was opened too often.


                      1. re: cambridgedoctpr

                        I've dry aged a standing rib roast for 7 days, came out excellent.

                    2. re: treb

                      Interesting, I wouldn't have thought of Costco as a place to buy steak. Someone below mentions the Avon location, which is pretty close to me- I'll have to stop in and see what they've got! Thanks!

                      1. re: meegc

                        Yes Costco gets good ratings for beef. overall good prices too. The only catch is that being a wholesale club the minimum purchase is large. So a big appetite, large family or room-in-the-freezer is in order!

                        1. re: meegc

                          Costco has excellent beef, I find the packaging to be reasonable, ex; boneless rib eye in packages of 2, NY strips in packages of 3 or 4. Prime Rib Roasts are around 5 lbs.

                          1. re: treb

                            Keep in mind that a "prime rib roast" is not necessarily USDA graded prime beef. Nor ris a prime rib that you might order in a restaurant.


                            That's not to say that Costco doesn't sell good meat but there is a distinction..Most "prime ribs" come from USDA choice grade. I prefer the smaller end of the roast;because I rarely cook an entire rib roast. Ask the butcher to show you the difference.

                            To get back to the OP question, I don't think it's a great idea for him to dry age his own prime meats and individually pack them (have a vacuum packer?) and deliver to is friends. I dry aged lot of steaks before i served them to friends and without a vacuum packer, you're playing Russian Roulette with the meat.

                            For more experienced people, I see no problem with buying a Costco (prime) rib roast or Sirloin roast and dry aging. Consume after 5-10 days and then cut into bone in rib steaks, vacuum pack and freeze.

                            1. re: 9lives

                              Just to try to be clear, Costco really does sell meat that is USDA graded "prime". So it is entirely possible that they have USDA prime rib roasts for sale in addition to USDA choice rib roasts (their usual grade). However, as you say, somehow the adjective "prime" has gotten attached to rib roast labels regardless of the actual USDA grade.

                              1. re: PinchOfSalt

                                Agreed. Costco does sell USDA Prime

                                I'll also point out that the OP specificaly wanted to support local butchers and Costco hardly qualifies.

                                Look, I have no "beef" with Costco except
                                there aren't any in downtown Boston and I have a very hard time getting to 1..:)

                                I'm visiting family out of townand they have these club superstores nearby and they serve a great purpose. I love shopping in them.

                              2. re: 9lives

                                Yah, I know exactly what you're saying, techincally it can be called a 'standing rib roast'. You're also correct, most are USDA Choice which, IMO, is excellent for this type of application, tender and juicey if cooked correctly. The thing I prefer about USDA Prime is that, I like the 'small loin end' and the prime grade usually has a bigger mussle for that cut. Costco does carry USDA Prime standing rib roasts during the holiday season and many other USDA Prime cuts in roasts and steaks year-round.

                                1. re: 9lives

                                  At the Costco in Everett yesterday they had boneless USDA Prime grade beef ribeye roasts available for $13.99/lb. The only roasts with the ribs were USDA Choice.

                                  When buying a rib roast, I normally ask the butcher to lift the bones (River Rock, Savenors and Fresh Pond Market have accommodated this request in the past). I wonder if the Costco butcher departments would be able and willing to do this for their rib roasts.

                                  Wilson Farm is offering Brandt Beef roasts for the holidays as well. I am not sure of the price.

                                  Fresh Pond Market
                                  360 Huron Ave, B Cambridge, MA

                              3. re: meegc

                                Today, the Everett branch had prime three bone rib roasts. The smallest choice roasts were five bone.