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Dec 6, 2010 01:31 PM


Has anyone been to Braise recently? I heard mixed things upon initial opening but haven't seen much lately.

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  1. I have eaten there several times, and really like it. They typically have two excellent vegetarian options plus about four meat dishes. That last time I went, it was BYOB with a $10 corking fee. I like taking my own wine, so that makes me happy. Definitely check it out.

    1. They now serve beer and wine since they got their license. I went last night for Restaurant week for my first time. Every table was filled it the noise level was quite energetic. They offered a 3 wine pairing for $20 with the ARW menu. They were only serving the ARW menu since they are usually closed on Sundays.
      I had the pork belly appetizer-the collard greens and mustard was nice compliments. I thought the crispy pork belly was too crispy. Being overcooked it lost some of the rich and buttery goodness that I was craving.

      For entree, I got the surf and turf which was the Niemann Ranch beef osso buco, and 3 grilled shrimp over a large mound of mashed potatoes topped with a creamy dill type sauce. The beef was tender but not very flavorful to me, salt would have helped.

      For dessert I had the intense mousse which was very rich and had a gritty coffee bean texture. It was very intense and tasty, but too rich for me to finish.

      The waitstaff used the team approach as they were very crowded the entire time I was there.

      1. Hey Chowhounders,

        Visited Braise recently. Almost all positive things to say, but one really big negative.

        First, decided on Braise because Jezebel was such a special experience, and always like to see Chef Parind Vora hanging about the place.


        -------- Appetizers
        French onion soup with gruyere cheese:
        Delicious cheese, rich broth, perfect level of seasoning and ratio of onions and bread inside.

        Caramelised Brussels sprouts – Portobello mushroom ragout over creamy grits with gorgonzola cheese: An entree we ordered as a 1/2 order appetizer. Loved this. My second favorite thing of the night. When going to a restaurant meal out at the price point of Braise, I'm looking for dishes that would be difficult or really time-consuming for me to make as delicious-tasting. This had the "special" quotient. Everything the brussel sprouts was sitting on top of formed a delicious backdrop, and the brussel sprouts were indeed carmelized as the menu described.

        To improve however, I wish they would prep brussel sprouts like I do: Halve them top to bottom and then put the V-notch in the bottom root-part of each half. This removes that dense root part which really decreases the offputting quotient of the brussel sprout taste and leaves the yummy part. I saw that tip on TV or on Chow maybe, and it really works. But it definitely adds to the prep time.

        -------- Entrees
        Spicy Jamaican Jerked pork shoulder over crock pot black beans with cilantro gremolata:
        Favorite thing. I was hoping the seasoning wouldn't be overpowering, and it wasn't. The black beans were perfect and I love cilantro, so the cilantro gremolata was enjoyed. I can't recall what exactly made it a "gremolata" but it definitely was the "special sauce." I could order this any time and love it.

        Neiman Ranch beef ‘osso bucco’ with sauce au poivre. While I enjoyed it, I would not order it again. It was too...something. Maybe too rich for me. I would rather have a cleaner-tasting pot roast.

        Now for what I despised: the bread.

        I was so looking forward to a good piece of bread to go with the meal. Just came in from the airport, was starving, and NEEDED a good piece of bread.

        The bread served before the entrees came out was like a cake-bread. It had a dense crumb. Maybe no yeast went into it at all. And it did NOT have flavor. It really confused me.

        I kept trying to convince myself to like it, but the more I tried it, the more I didn't like it.

        I will not return to Braise until they change their bread.

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        1. re: sweet100s

          Wow - it sounds like you had an overall good to great meal, but you "will not return to Braise until they change their bread." That's pretty hardcore!

          1. re: rudeboy

            Yep. Even now, 5 months later, I (a Jezebel fan) remember how strongly I disliked that bland cake-bread they served as real bread.

            Especially since the 2 dishes we ordered were just screaming for a good bread accompaniment.

            The Spicy Jamaican Jerked pork shoulder over crock pot black beans with cilantro gremolata... is still craveable.

            Do let me know if Braise now serves a real bread with their dinners.

        2. Hey y'all - Braise is having Jezebel night on September 23rd. Seatings at 6 and 9. I have no idea what they're serving but am hoping for foie gras and lots of it.