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Dec 6, 2010 01:30 PM

Turducken -- Good or just a novelty.

I host Christmas dinner each year for 12+ people, and every year I like to do something different. In the recent past I've done the usual rib roasts, plus saurbraten, crown pork roast, roast goose, and grilled whole filets.

Recently on a regional board someone inquired about obtaining a turducken for thanksgiving and that got me thinking about buying one for Christmas, one that came fully assembled. I think that a couple of markets around here may carry them, but I also see ads for places like the which was highly rated by the Wall Street Journal recently. I figured that by buying it all assembled (bird complete with stuffing) I'd be saving a lot of time both as far as prep and even carving was concerned.

But I was wondering what the experience any CHers might have had with turduckens. The one WSJ reported on had cornbread stuffing with a bit of pork in it apparently. If you've tried them, do you feel that they're good, or just a novelty?

To see the WSJ review, click on the Wall Street Journal link from the page below:

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  1. I hate them.

    If I want to eat turkey, I'll make a turkey and make it properly.

    If I want a duck, I'll roast a duck and do it right with a nice crispy skin and with the fat rendered out nicely.

    Ditto with chicken. Roast the bird spread eagle, and then serve.

    And if I wanted all three -- a turkey, a duck, and a chicken -- then I'll buy each separately, prep each separately, and cook each separately. They deserve as much, and so do my guests (and tummy).

    If you wanted a screwdriver to fix your car for the most important drive of the year, would you buy a Swiss Army knife?

    If you wanted to open a bottle of wine, for that glorious anniversary celebration, would you rely on the silly corkscrew in that Swiss Army knife?

    I've never had a good experience with turducken. Never made it myself (or ordered it online pre-assembled), but it just doesn't taste very good.

    Just my 0.02.

    1. To me it is a novelty..I had some that we OK but I;d rather have a good duck I shot myself...or a rib roast

      1. The in-laws served a turdunken for Thanksgiving dinner this year and I found it more flavorful and succulent than turkey as it's usually served at Thanksgiving. It might be the only time they'll serve it but at least it was an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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        1. re: scarmoza

          ITA with ipsedixit on every iota.

          I ordered a turducken "breast roll" as a smaller option than the whole bird(s) because there were only three of us. It was the size of a pigeon. And half of it was stuffing. It was supposed to feed 6, but due to the stuffing/meat ratio, we each got a serving and scraps for the dog.

          It was not a delightful experience. There was no taste distinction between the turkey/chicken and duck, and it boasted a 1,400mg/per serving dose of sodium. $51 I'll never get back.

          That, and the instructions were totally wrong. Someone didn't do their homework. Instrux said to defrost overnight in the fridge; it took two days, incl. 1/2 day at room temp. It said to cook for 2 hours; took 3 to reach proper temp, and our oven is correctly calibrated. UGH. never again.

          1. re: shelleykelly

            I'm going to jump in here and give my observation. Never having had one I will offer my opinion only. This whole turduken thing is not unlike the phenomonon caused by chef Prudhomme the first time he burned a rockfish and that started the "blackened" frenzy. John Madden presents a turducken to a bunch of footbal players and now you get the picture. I'm right up there with ipsedixit. It's a good revenue generator for these "cajun" outlets but I don't see "cajuns" falling all over themselves to make and much less eat a turducken. 'nuff said.

        2. I have cooked a frozen turducken twice and thought it ws great both times, as did everyone who I served it to. Will probably do another one this Christmas.

          1. Never had one, but jeez -- if they could only do something about the NAME!