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Dec 6, 2010 01:15 PM

Baking Tins-Calgary

Does anyone know where to get large tins to put Christmas baking in? I've tried a couple of dollar stores, but the ones they have are too small.

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  1. Try restaurant supply stores, Hendrix and Russell's have larger ones but they might be pricier than what you have in mind.

    1. Superstore had them in 2 sizes, $2.00 and $2.50 for the round ones.

      1. Depending how big you need....Dollarama in Marlborough Mall had tons when I was there today.

        1. Walmart has some too but I didn't like the design.
          Has anybody seen square ones?

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          1. re: josey124

            They have square Christmas boxes (heavy duty not the cheap "gift boxes") at the Dollarama but not tins.

            1. re: Merry113

              Real Canadian Warehouse Club. Two locations in Calgary. Lots of restaurant supplies.

          2. Thrift stores/Value Village. I had a lot of luck finding great tins in good shape from there last year.