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Dec 6, 2010 12:49 PM

Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood

Is it worth the drive from Palm Beach county ???

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  1. its a pretty good farmers market, especially since theres not really anything else worthy of note between miami and lauderdale. there are a ton of booths there and some decent produce and prices.

    if you are going to go, one thing i suggest is NOT going first thing when they open. in my experience, the vendors take their time showing up and setting up. closer to noon alot more vendors are open than at 8 or 9 am

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    1. re: mattstolz

      I wouldn't make the drive just to go there. It is really more of a flea market with a few produce vendors that really don't sell anything you can't get somewhere else.

      1. re: danb73

        On my last visit I was very disappointed. I'm hoping they turn it around, but it's not worth the drive (IMHO).

    2. Some pretty good prepared foods though. Baked goods, etc. Recommend it as a stop more than a trip.

      1. I was going to stop by, but after running late and a wrong turn, I just said forget it. Does anyone have a update on the place? Is it worth stopping by, or do they only have stuff that you can find at any farmers market?

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        1. re: Auger

          Nothing special there.. Some local produce @ good prices but more of a flea market...ok if in the area but would not make a trip!

        2. This place has grown into a fantastic place. They have local farmers now and vendors that source from local small farms, too far or too small to sell at the market two days a week. I like this place for the diversity and now the bulk foods available both organic and conventional rock. There are enough prepared food vendors that have specialties that I always have lunch when I visit. This is the kind of place that South Florida has been missing, with a lot of individual vendors all in one place offering specialties. Watching them grow has been fun.

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          1. re: PeterEaten

            I wouldn't call it fantastic, but I do agree that it has gotten much better. I am very happy that there has been a considerable improvement and hope it continues to go in that direction. If we keep supporting them, I think it can happen.

          2. I agree it has improved considerably in the past few weeks