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Sources for british style bangers in Seattle????

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Okay so I have all this leftover suet from making real Christmas pudding and a batch of mincemeat and in order to use it up, I'm going to make toad in a hole with sausages etc.

But whats a good source for british style sausages? I know people say they are selling British sausage but then the flavor isn't quite right. Any suggestions? I work downtown and live in the south end. . . .

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  1. It's a long way from your home but the British Pantry probably can help you. It is in Redmond but perhaps you could give them a call for other options.

    1. Uli's makes them, but I've never tried them to see if they're "right".


      1. I'm intrigued to know how you use suet for Toad in the Hole

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          Suet could be used as the high temperature fat to make the pudding nice and crisp.

          I may be partly to blame. There's a tread on suet that developed a subthread on Yorkshire pudding, where I mentioned that sausages like bangers can be cooked in the pudding.

          Occasionally I've seen bangers among the DD Meatmarket (Mountlake Terrace) store-made fresh sausages. Any good pork sausage should work. Uli's describes theirs as "Bread crumbs and a unique combination of Herbs give this Sausage it’s authentic Flavor."

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            I've now caught up with the suet thread. But for use in making yorkshire pudding or toad in the hole the suet would have to be rendered. Usually British sausages are pork so lard would be a better choice anyway. And 'banger' is just a slang word for sausage.

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              At least one story is that at one time the sausages were of such poor quality (filler, water, etc) that they burst (with a bang) during cooking.

              But with leaner sausages, jenn could render some of the suet, brown the sausages in that, remove them, and get the fat good and hot, and then add both sausages and batter to the hot pan.

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              Not partially to blame---More like completely to blame! and for that I thank you!

              I did some looking for recipes on line. Definitely need sausage with a bunch of bread crumbs in it versus meat and I would imagine that the bread crumbs will soak up a lot of the fat so the suet is still quite necessary.

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                I just served a couple of DD bangers with bubble and squeak (shredded cabbage in mashed potatoes). While I might have seen the bread filler in the raw sausages, it wasn't obvious in cooked. The main flavor was salt and pepper.

            3. Have you tried Uli's in Pike Place Market? http://ulisfamoussausage.com/sausage_... They sell a decent British Banger, but it may not be to your taste.
              Rain Shadow up in the Melrose Market also might be able to procure some for you

              Pike Place Market
              1501 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA 98101

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                To me, Uli's tastes like real bangers. But it's been a long while since I had bangers in England. My English neighbor says they are very good and very like English bangers.

                Of course, they do sell good bangers in Vancouver, but that may be a little far to go just to buy some sausages.

              2. I recently bought a package of 4 sausages that said "British Pride" on the front with the word "bangers" as well as the British flag. Simple packaging and I presumed that "British Pride" was the brand.

                Consider I'm completely unfamiliar with what authentic British-style sausages are supposed to taste like. They were quite good, mild - I used them in a chicken and sausage bake recipe from Nigella Lawson. I think I found them at Topp Foods, and then also saw them at a QFC, Metropolitan Market or Whole Foods recently, can't remember. I'd call around to the butcher departments at all the regular stores and you'll find them or other bangers soon enough, I bet.

                Metropolitan Market
                1908 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA

                1. Uli's English bangers aren't quite right. Not enough bread in the mix or something. (I love many of their other sausages, though, especially their Thuringers and Nurnbergers.)

                  I have it on good authority from an Irish expat I work with that Fado will sell their bangers (and more importantly their black and white puddings!) for frying up at home if you ask. No idea where they're sourcing them, but they are much better than Uli's version.

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                    The question is whether Irish bangers (your friend and Fado) are the same as English bangers. And, of course, there may be regional differences.

                    Finally, I wonder if what many people remember are the cheap versions their parents bought. Like what is a true American hot dog. Or even a NYC hot dog? Is it Hebrew National, Nathan's Famous, Sabrett (boiled at the corner stand), or even the crap at Ebbett`s Field and Yankee Stadium?

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                      They're right for a fry-up anyway. The key is they have the right balance between pork and bread in the mix and are loaded with salt and pepper as the dominant flavor profile. Texture is something almost like a savory custard, not grainy, chewy, or overly chunky. Uli's doesn't have the right mixture for their English bangers - too meaty, which results in the wrong texture. I can vouch for Fado's bangers being right (or at least to my taste.)

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                        Oops, I left a vital phrase out of my second paragraph yesterday. I meant: "Finally, for comparison, I wonder if what many people remember as "real hot dogs" are the cheap versions . . . "

                    2. Hey there, its me, the suet queen!

                      Rendering the suet will not be a problem. I already planned on rendering what is left after making the mince and the Christmas pudding, and sticking it in jars for future use.

                      I considered Uli's but wasn't sure if they would be authentic. Thanks for the reports--off I go at lunch to pick up the sausages. . . .

                      1. Toad-in-a-hole was a complete success. Sausages worked out delightfully. I think they tasted pretty authentic [more bready than "normal"} though I haven't had a british sausage in about 20 years. There were no leftovers, not even of the spicy sticky cabbage that I made as a side dish.

                        also, FYI, Uli's was having a special--buy 3 lbs of sausage get 1 free. Perfect for parties!

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                          Would you share your recipe? Perhaps best done on the home cooking board, so as not to annoy the moderators here.
                          Home cooking: http://chowhound.chow.com/boards/31