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Dec 6, 2010 11:37 AM

Spa Party Menu

I am throwing a spa party this Saturday for 5 of my girlfriends. I have a massage therapist booked to give mini massages, and I have 2 aestheticians booked to give mini facials. Treatments start at 7, and I'm having the ladies come after 6 for a light dinner. Here's what I have planned, but I'm looking for easy ideas. The night before is my office Christmas Party, and Saturday morning is a Gingerbread Haus Party. I wanted to keep it vaguely light.

I thought dinner could be chicken caesar salad. should i have a platter of roasted veg?
drinks will be prosecco, wine, and cucumber infused water
nibbles for in between treatments will be:
tortellini on skewers to dip into pesto
fruit platter
shards of parm drizzled with balsamic vinegar (not sure about the parm since there's going to be parm in the salad)
cocktail rye with veggie cream cheese, a slice of cucumber, a sprig of dill, and some with salmon
cupcakes and truffles for dessert

comments? criticisms? suggestions? thanks in advance!

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  1. I'd skip the tortellini just because the reheating is a pain. Here's my refinements to your menu:

    Do your own Caesar salad - have the components but allow people to assemble themselves just in case they want more or less dressing/croutons.
    Crudite - sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, radishes with a green goddess dressing made with strained yogurt and buttemilk.
    Fruit platter - with a dark chocolate dipping sauce.
    Have the parm shards available but have asparagus spears to dip in the balsamic vinegar - it's a classic combo.
    The other recipes sound great. Salmon cupcakes? That's interesting, please elaborate.

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    1. re: Dcfoodblog

      i was going to serve the tortellini at room temp. maybe a frittata would be better?

      as for the salmon cupcakes.... it's salmon full stop. and then cupcakes. no fish in the cupcakes. i'm guessing you were just pulling my leg, though. love the asparagus suggestion

      1. re: eLizard

        Forgot the line break. Thanks for clarifying. I just saw a show on the Cooking Channel that made salmon-horseradish cheesecake so I make no assumptions.

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          My favorite thing on your menu is the tortellini.. the presentation sounds beautiful and it should be great at room temperature.

          You can arrange the Caesar salad ingredients on a large platter or tray in alternating rows- lettuce, chicken, croutons etc. Then serve the dressing in a creamer or small pitcher on the side.

      2. eL, I'm still waiting for my invitation :) what a wonderful holiday gift for friends.

        I'm thinking light spa fare during a facial/mini massage might be lemon sorbet with fresh fruit, thinly sliced tea sandwiches with veggies, pears, apples & shards of aged cheese, a light mousse, iced green tea infused with rosemary. I like some of the menu you've stated but I'd stay away from overly creamy, pasta or roasted veggies lovely nibbles but too heavy on the system. Have a wonderful time!

        1. Room-temp tortellini would be just fine, IMO. I would combine your roasted veggie platter idea with Dcfoodblog's, and have the balsamic available for dipping any of the roasted veggies in, parm shards to accompany.

          The menu sounds lovely, though one thing I would add is tea! No spa experience is complete without some nice tea. (Or a tea-infused cocktail, if you prefer)

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          1. what a lovely idea... wish i had more friends who are generous in the way you are!

            personally, i might add some light bites like frittata or quiche cut into bite sized pieces.
            funny the salmon cupcake remark because i do bite-sized salmon croquettes with a dill cauliflower whip piped on top that are always a hit and sit well at room temp srprisingly enough.
            def agree with a roasted veggie platter - these always go like hotcakes, as does fresh fruit (do people not eat this stuff on their own?)
            don't know how much more complicated you really want to go, but if you wanted to add more, i'd have suggestions, but seems lovely as is too :)

            enjoy! and tell your friends how lucky they are!

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            1. re: Emme

              thanks! my friends are pretty great, too.

              and i'd love to hear your other suggestions. maybe to file away for future reference.

              1. re: eLizard

                seeing as you're doing "in-between treatment" nibbles, grab n go is of the essence. indulgent but not indulgent.
                roasted chickpeas are healthy bites
                deviled eggs
                small squares of good dark chocolate
                toasted and/or candied nuts
                pinwheel roll-ups (a tad heavier)
                stuffed figs or dates with blue cheese and walnuts/pecans/pistachios
                ...just a few ideas... but as i said, lovely already