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Dec 6, 2010 11:33 AM

Steak House in Chicago??

My Fiance and I are going to Chicago to to celebrate his birthday later in December. We both love Mortons but wanted to try something new. Can anyone suggest a really good steak house?? Thank you!!

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  1. I am not from Chicago, but we visited there a couple of years ago and had the same question. We thought we wanted to go to Shulas or Harry Carey's, but my husband ran into some locals who said, "No, No, go to Gene & Georgettis." So we did. Very old school, had the feeling we would run into some of the mob there....but wonderful dinner and a lot of fun. Highly recommend.

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      Thank you for the suggestion! I am going to check them out!

    2. David Burke's. Not even a question. Though not as "old school" as G&G's in djfpdx. If you go to Burke's, ask for a tour of their dry-aging room.

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        I have heard good things about them but forgot about them until you said something. Thanks for the reminder!

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          Another vote for Burke's. Was there a week ago and it was very, very good from start to finish. Get the red velvet cake for dessert. We should have ordered a second one to bring home. DO NOT GO to G and G. If "old school" is defined as crappy decor, crappy service, crappy food, crappy wine, my martini was good, and everything else was crappy, then yes, it's old school. I'd go to Ponderosa before going back there!

      2. Gene & Gerogetti is a senimental favorite of mine. The best lamb chops in town. Note tha G&G steaks have a crusty char broil on them so be prepared as some see it as an aquired taste. Keefer's is a great local place too. Their side dishes stray a bit from the traditional but they are all excellent (expecially the proscuitto wrapped asparagus).

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          We've enjoyed Keefer's several times and can recommend them as well.
          To belabor a point, a while back with in-laws in tow we went to G and G. When I think of all the places we could have gone...I still cringe. In 15 years of dining out in Chicago...I still cringe. It was the very worst meal from beginning to end. Maybe John Kass, Outfit members and politicians get good food and service but as for the rest of us...not so much. Brusqe and rude service may be part of the "old school" charm but to me our waiter was just an(begin with A end with e). The interior needs to be napalmed...I could go on and on. How this place stays in business defies imagination. I could only recommend this place to tourists if I felt like torturing them for two hours.

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            Another vote for Keefer's. I've been there twice and had outstanding steaks each time. Perfectly cooked medium rare. Very friendly service and a great atmosphere. The apple tart dessert was quite good as well. I've only eaten at Burke's for Thanksgiving, but had a great meal (didn't try the steaks though). I like the room better at Keefer's.

        2. How about Gibson's? I have been reading a lot of good things about them. Any reccomendations on that one?

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            Where Gene & Georgetti's is notable for it's "old school" atmosphere and surley staff to everyone who isn't a regular, Gibson's has it's own special environment. Located the center of the Viagra Triangle, Gibson's caters to the botox crowd: high rolling men, both local and tourists, who are looking to recapture their lost youth and youngish women in pursuit of high rolling men. The food is better than decent (better than G & G for sure) and the people-watching is fascinating. You just need to know what to expect before you go.

            Personally, neither one is my idea of a great meal in a classy environment. Much prefer Burke's to either one, but that's just me.

            1. re: chicgail

              Agreed, and there's this from another food board...

              "As an aside on Gibson's the last time I was there, in September, it was like the wheels had fallen off. My lamb chops, ordered medium-rare, came out bloody rare. When I sent them back for more cooking, they came back inexplicably the same. When I sent them back a second time (this time with the accommodation from the waiter that they would be removed from the check--he agreed completely with me that the product from the kitchen was not what I ordered), they came back completely well-done, gray, dry and tough. Three chances to hit the mark or even just come close (I'm not that demanding--a few degrees of temperature one way or the other won't bother me), three failures.

              A member of our party who ordered the walleye reported that the center of the fish was raw.

              1. re: hoppy2468

                Another vote for Burke's. As I believe I've noted here before, I've had 3 problems with the "sit in the bar and have a drink" routine while I waited 15, 30 and 1 hour for my reservation. The weeknights are better than the weekends, I am assuming, b/c the shortest wait was on a weekday.

                Still as far as quality goes they are my go-to. I'll return because of the quality and a good corkage policy.

                1. re: HoosierFoodie

                  Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab


                  I am not a Stone Crab Fan but this is one of my favorite restaurants.

                  Great professional service & great fresh food.

                  We took a friend there that had just eaten at Peter Luger's in NY. He proclaimed the steak at Joe's was the best he had ever eaten.

                  I love the Shrimp De Jonghe. Fresh, fresh shrimp. Not cheap but top quality and worth every penny in my book.

                  Think about sharing side dishes as they are generous.

              2. re: chicgail

                We'll have to agree to disagree on both G&G and Gibson's. I am probably partial to G&G because I have been going there for so long and I don't have the same issues with the wait staff. Although, I always tell people about their charred crust and potential for surly servers. I do not like the atmosphere at Gibson's (never did), nor do I like their steaks (most of the times I've been). The kitchen is incredibly inconsistent. I truly have had wonderful meals there but have had even more terrible meals there. If you are looking for a crowded bar scene before dinner, go to Gibson's. But if you want consistency in good food, try Keefer's. It seems to be more in line with what a Morton's lver would appreciate.

            2. Don't forget to search this board. There is a HUGE steak thread already......

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