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Equal of Patricia Well's Food Lovers Guide to Paris for the 21st century????

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A family trip to Paris is in the works.

In standard prep, I took a look at my tattered copy of Patricia Well's Food Lovers Guide to Paris. YeGads! Its nearly 12 years old and I have the fourth edition.

Pray tell, fellow 'hounds, who has stepped up to the plate to replace Ms. Wells? I have Clotilde's Edible Adventures in Paris---is there anything else?


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  1. goodness, does the lack of response mean there is nothing? Is this the opening for leaving my job and moving to France that I've been longing for--to write the next ultimate guide to food in Paris?

      1. http://johntalbottsparis.typepad.com/...

        John Talbott does a enjoyable blog on Paris restaurants his tastes seem similar to mine

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          more mmmm. Honestly I must stop with the reading of food blogs in the middle of the morning when lunch is so very far away.

          Thank you!

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            This will keep you busy for the weekend . P Wells is part of this group


        2. Guess you weren't that desperate...But here's some more anyway:


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            I saw the 36 hours in paris thing when I checked the times this am.....I am so very old! I won't be hitting any of the bars mentioned or hanging with any of the snazzy people. . . . then again, I didn't do it when I was younger either.

            But thank you for making sure I saw it!

          2. That was a great series of books, and I learned so much from them. And the great photography, too... I was lucky enough to spend some time w/ her in Paris, and thank her for what she'd given so many of us.

            1. David Lebovitz has a great blog about food in general and food in Paris, and wrote a book on Paris recently http://www.davidlebovitz.com/ called The Sweet Life in Paris. Also, Clothilde, the woman behind http://chocolateandzucchini.com/ has a book out called Clothlide's Edible Adventures in Paris.

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                i have not seen her book, but chocolate and zucchini's clotilde is always spot on with recipes and entertaining writing.

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                  I used David Lebovitz' blog as a guide on my last trip to Paris and ate VERY well. I found his picks very reliable. Great stuff around the Marais.


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                    As did I, and one of the chocolate shops that he recommends was completely amazing -- it's out of the way, and I never would have gone there or found it without his blog.

                2. A little late for the original post - but FYI - Patricia Wells is about to release The Food Lovers Guide to Paris 2011-2012 version as an iphone app, most likely in Feb 2012, followed by a print version in 2013.

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                    Ooh, good catch. We used to be on her publisher's pr list; must have been dropped. Thanks for the info. (Hoping for an android one as well....)

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                      Any suggestions for similar guides for the South of France ?? I'm afraid that Patricia Wells guide to France is way too old. She has always been one of my favorite restaurant reviewers and it would be great to find something of similar quality. Thanks!

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                          Thank You! I only wish that the ipad app was available in the US. Apparently, you can only buy it from the itunes France store, which seems complicated, if possible at all.

                    2. Patricia Wells would like to think her iphone app that she keeps updated is the 2013 version of both her guides to Paris and France. I don't have an iphone, so I don't know. Her web site (hername.com) has quite a bit of information on it,. though.

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                        I have only seen an app for Paris. Have you seen one for France? Thanks.