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Dec 6, 2010 11:07 AM

Equal of Patricia Well's Food Lovers Guide to Paris for the 21st century????

A family trip to Paris is in the works.

In standard prep, I took a look at my tattered copy of Patricia Well's Food Lovers Guide to Paris. YeGads! Its nearly 12 years old and I have the fourth edition.

Pray tell, fellow 'hounds, who has stepped up to the plate to replace Ms. Wells? I have Clotilde's Edible Adventures in Paris---is there anything else?


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  1. goodness, does the lack of response mean there is nothing? Is this the opening for leaving my job and moving to France that I've been longing for--to write the next ultimate guide to food in Paris?


        John Talbott does a enjoyable blog on Paris restaurants his tastes seem similar to mine

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          more mmmm. Honestly I must stop with the reading of food blogs in the middle of the morning when lunch is so very far away.

          Thank you!

          1. re: jenn

            This will keep you busy for the weekend . P Wells is part of this group


        2. Guess you weren't that desperate...But here's some more anyway:

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            I saw the 36 hours in paris thing when I checked the times this am.....I am so very old! I won't be hitting any of the bars mentioned or hanging with any of the snazzy people. . . . then again, I didn't do it when I was younger either.

            But thank you for making sure I saw it!

          2. That was a great series of books, and I learned so much from them. And the great photography, too... I was lucky enough to spend some time w/ her in Paris, and thank her for what she'd given so many of us.