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Dec 6, 2010 10:18 AM

What makes a "wedding cake" a wedding cake?

Is it simply that it is presented at a wedding?

Or is there some other tell-tale sign?

Curious as to your thoughts.

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  1. Great question. I've certainly seen enough wedding cakes to know that it doesn't matter what flavor it is. It doesn't even matter how many tiers it has. I think what makes a wedding cake special is it's significance. For the rest of your life, no other baked good will have as much thought put into it as this cake. You'll have birthday cake every year, but only one wedding cake.

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      I think it's the decorations. It has to look like an extra-special cake. Doesn't matter what it tastes like (for purposes of this question). If you brought out the world's most delicious sheet cake in a baking pan, people would not see it as a wedding cake.

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        --You'll have birthday cake every year, but only one wedding cake.--

        Or two. Or three.

        Well, you aim for only one.

      2. Well, when it's brought up, the first thing that comes to mind are the little traditional touches. Everything from a layered white cake with the bridge/groom figures on top to the croquembouche. But, the ones I really like are the ones that tosses the traditions away and somehow reflects the bridge and groom.

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          ...or a "groom and groom" or "bride and bride"...whatever the case may be.

        2. I'd say about 2-3 thousand dollars..........depending on decorations and who's baking it.

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          1. there used to be a mexican bakery on wabash at evergreen in east la. their window sign was: "wedding cakes for all occasions", except that occasions was misspelled. this was before cell phone cameras, or i would have a photo.

            1. Sadly in many cases, wedding cakes are very pretty, but very mediocre-tasting confections. They seem to be tiered by tradition, but other than that, I think all bets are off. I'm guessing it used to be all-white, but nowadays all shapes, sizes, and colors are acceptable.

              Personally, I think a wedding "cake" should be whatever the bride and groom want it to be, even if it's not a cake at all. It's a celebration of happiness through sugar and deliciousness. Adherence to tradition, even when it doesn't gel with the couple's personalities, is one of the most frustrating things to see when attending a wedding.

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                You are right, they are usually art and not food, I have never eaten good wedding cake. Give me food any day!

                We did a pie buffet where friends and family made special pie recipes. People still talk about how great it was.