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Dec 6, 2010 10:08 AM

Caffino (King and Dufferin)... any information?

We had someone suggest Caffino for a celebratory dinner with the family. We heard it was great, but I'm uncertain as to the reliability of our source. I can't find much information on the place around here. The menu seems boring to me, but if the execution is excellent then perhaps I'm overlooking a spot where fairly basic dishes are done well. Anyone??

1185 King St W, Toronto, ON M6K3C5, CA

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  1. I've attended a couple of celebrations over the years for friends who love the place. The atmosphere is great, the food is just ok. There is nothing special about anything I've had there, but nothing was bad. How's that for a glowing rec? :)

    It's been a couple of years since I've been there, so things may have changed for the better.

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      I used to work in the area and it was above average for a convenient work lunch but that was about it. Really nothing special other than the room.

    2. Just had dinner at Caffino last night and I pretty much agree with the previous posts. Room is very very nice and interesting, but the food is uninspired and just okay. Service is consistent with the food.

      1185 King St W, Toronto, ON M6K3C5, CA