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Dec 6, 2010 09:43 AM

So...What's the best thing(s) you ever ate in the St. Louis Area

I will start with the vietnamese pancake from Mai Lee
fresh oysters from Herbie's
filet of swordfish from Tony's
Nam sod Chicken from Thai Kitchen
Ribs from Pappy's
just a start

Mai Lee
Musick Memorial Dr, St Louis, MO 63144

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  1. Have to include my first Pork St. Paul at Park Chop Suey. I second the nomination of Pappy's ribs. The "bacon and eggs" appetizer at Five. I'm sure to think of more.

    Park Chop Suey
    1321 Chouteau Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63103

    1. Chile Colorado and sour cream enchiladas at Arcelia's
      Korean chicken-vegetable soup and sweet potato noodles at Everest Cafe
      Any lamb dish at India Palace
      Vietnamese grilled chicken salad at Mai Lee
      Chocolate Jordan almonds from Bissinger's

      1. When I was in Jr. High School, I had the most beautiful, young and fun teacher. (She and I had a lot in common... I thought) It seemed like things were going places when she let me order and Amighetti's Special when one of the teachers was making a run to the hill.

        Unfortunately the lunch for 2 ended up with me eating my Amazing Amighetti's Special with the rest of my classmates in the "cafetorium." But, I felt cool and wow was it good!

        9438 Manchester Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63119

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        1. re: Uncle Luigi

          Uncle Luigi, you bring back memories...I went to school just off 'The Hill' and when we had a chance to get off school grounds we would race up to Amighetti's and order a couple of sandwiches (usually an LBI, a 'little bit of Italy', hot, for maximum aroma-appeal) and then race back to school where we would chow down on them in the lunchroom to the universal envy of our schoolmates. After a while we got smart and would pick up a few extras to auction off...we made some tidy little profits, as I recall.
          I have, as an adult, been tempted to try a similar ploy on airplanes with, perhaps, a cuban sandwich from Tropicana market or maybe a muffalata from Blues City Deli. I'm sort of afraid the TSA might seize my sandwiches, though.

          Blues City Deli
          2438 McNair, Saint Louis, MO

          9438 Manchester Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63119

          1. re: tonifi

            these days TSA might very well. sad as I have to snarf down before security or be confounded inside.

            1. re: tonifi

              tonifi, great story.

              In all the visit's to Amighetti's, I have never strayed from the special. I have known LBI-people like yourself, but never tried it. My Texan-wife is also a devout special eater. Maybe I'll take an extended trip to St. Louis and try the LBI. Then off to Missouri Baking Co. for some Amaretto Macaroons!


              9438 Manchester Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63119

            1. re: FoodChic

              Well, now you people have done it. Tomorrow I'm going to need to try the Gorgonzola Dip at Adriana's...and follow it up with a bunch of amaretto macaroons (as a rule, I'm not a fan of Missouri Bakery's cookies, but the amaretto macaroons are AMAZING). Hmmm...maybe a black coffee and macaroons for breakfast?