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Dec 6, 2010 09:27 AM

Has Anyone Been to Seasons 52 in KOP By the Mall?

Will be doing my "all-day" "Christmas-not-holiday "shopping next week. I've been intrigued by Seasons 52 and am thinking of going there for an after shopping dinner with daughter and fiance. Any feedback regarding this restaurant would be appreciated. I'm not a fan of chain restaurants, but I've read that this is a different type of chain..
Thank you!

Seasons 52
2000 Route 38 Ste 1145, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

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  1. I have heard good things about the food, but i have not been yet. I was invited to a holiday "luncheon" there a couple weekends ago, but $35 for soup and salad is a little beyond my lunch budget! Not sure if that's in line with their normal prices. I did hear the service was not very good the day our group was in - apparently they forgot to serve the soup.

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      Thanks for the heads up. $35. IS pretty stiff for soup and salad--I would rather spend that toward gift giving. Thanks again!

      1. re: jujuthomas

        While I haven't eaten at the KOP Seasons 52, I've eaten at Seasons 52 in Florida quite a few times and have never come close to paying $35 for lunch! They are not inexpensive, but I can recall 3 of us having dinner, apps and/or salads, entrees, dessert and a couple of glasses of wine and the bill being in the $125-$140 range. I don't recall paying more that $35-$40 for lunch for 2 people. Are you talking about lunch specials that are higher priced than regular menu items?

        Seasons 52
        2000 Route 38 Ste 1145, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

        1. re: bucksguy14

          it was an "event" I do not remember what the menu consisted of specifically, 2-3 varieties of soup, 2-3 maybe 4 salads. coffee, tea, perhaps a dessert. no wine or other bar items that I recall. I'll peek again at the invite when I get home so I can be more specific.

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            This was the menu - it was $32 per person - to me, not worth it.
            Brick-Oven Flatbread Upon Arrival
            Ripe Plum Tomato Flatbread
            With roasted garlic essence, sweet basil and Parmesan
            Choice of Soup:
            Soup of the Day or Farmer’s Market Vegetable Soup
            Trio of entrée salads
            (Served Family Style)
            Seasonal Grilled Chicken Salad
            With mixed lettuce, grilled red peppers, cheese and creamy Caesar dressing
            Seasonal Grilled Salmon Salad
            With organic greens, grilled pineapple, red peppers and seasonal vinaigrette
            Kalymnos Greek Salad
            With Feta cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions and kalamata olives
            Mini Indulgences
            Individual servings of classic desserts
            Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks included

            1. re: jujuthomas

              This is an example of a "seasonally inspired menu" they like to trumpet? Greek salad and tomato flatbread in the dead of winter?

      2. Was taken there twice, once when just opened and once more recently. Although l was not paying l felt the prices were high for the space and cuisine. But then l think Sullivan's is also overpriced. When there felt l was in a 'chain' environment and was not greatly pleased by that as well. Food was OK, not memorable and have no plans to return.

        1. Been twice, like the bar area with the piano man. And the food well...some of the special breads are ok. The service both times has been just ok. My wife did get a free lunch ticket one day because service and her meal was so bad. The management is eager to right a wrong which is fine but the wrongs cost more than the price of the meal, i.e. time etc. It is owned by a large fast food chain but I can not recall which. Some of our friends like it quite a bit! As for the $35 soup and salad not sure what that may have been , but it is pricy for where and what it is.

          1. I have been to Seasons 52 in Florida and locally in Cherry Hill. Our experience in Florida was average at best. I only went to the Cherry Hill location because I was not the one choosing. Here is a restaurant attached to the mall. Many people take their children to the mall. Seasons 52 does not have high chairs. They sat us in a booth and told us to make sure we closely watched my 2 year old grandson. The food is expensive and the preparation is just average. We would have left, but the mall was packed and at that point it was the lesser of the evils. Never again.

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              Thanks for all of your replies. Looks like I will not be trying Seasons 52. Kind of dissappointing though--I mean, there really are no good restaurants in the Mall area. Actually, I'll stick to the cafe at Nordstroms. I love their chicken/lime/cilantro salad and it is a bargain compared to Seasons...Just thought I would try something different!

              Seasons 52
              2000 Route 38 Ste 1145, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

            2. I haven't been there in a while, but I've had some really good meals at the California Cafe, and recenlty some great sushi at Blue Pacific inside the Mall

              I also like some of the selections at Wild Rice
              188 West Dekalb Pike
              King of Prussia, PA 19406-2327
              (610) 337-3950
              (but I think there's some CH'ers that haven't had as great luck as I have)

              if you like Indian, there's Jaipur
              336 W Dekalb Pike
              King Of Prussia, PA 19406
              (it's near the Acme on DeKalb)
              I haven't gone there for lunch in a while, but I loved their tikka masala...

              terrible that I work here and the extent of my restaurant knowledge anymore is grabbing a shorti at wa-wa.

              Oh, and I like Maggianos. it smells like my Italian Grandmom's house when you walk in. the service tends to be slow, but the foods good and I don't think it feels like a chain once you get past the front door and get seated

              Wild Rice
              414 Main St, Metuchen, NJ 08840

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              1. re: cgarner

                Thanks for the info about Jaipur--my daughter loves tikka masala and there is a place in Gateway Shopping Center that she gets take-out from.

                1. re: cgarner

                  It appeared that the California Cafe in the KOP mall has closed or was closed the other day when i walked by. Not certain, but they were definately closed. I don't know if its part of the ongoing flood rehab or what. They did make some great (espresso) martinis and their lamb chop lollipops were pretty tastey. Hopefully they are just remodeling, but closed during the holiday season i have fears.
                  I definately second Blue Pacific. There hot and sour soup is one of my favorites and sushi is always top notch.

                  I am also a Wild Rice supporter. They offer a nice bento box lunch.

                  1. re: VTRP

                    I forgot to add and my reason for reading this post on Seasons 52...... company holiday lunch is forthcoming there. Not looking like a wow from the above comments.

                    1. re: VTRP

                      Really? I just had lunch there a few weeks ago. It was always our lunch spot in the mall. This is sad news!

                      1. re: crazyspice

                        Their website lists 3 locations - 2 in California and 1 in Colorado. Sounds like big time contraction of business to me. They had a ton of places on the east coast that I had been to from NJ to FL.

                      2. re: VTRP

                        Their phone number is disconnected. (California Cafe)

                        1. re: crazyspice

                          a little blurb on california cafe's unexpected closing... sounds like it was a surprise to the employees, too!

                          1. re: rumorsofsurf

                            Off topic I Know (I should change my name to Jack) I hate it when restos do that! The Mainland Inn closed up shop w/ no warning too. stinks on ice I say!

                            1. re: rumorsofsurf

                              That is just bad form! Bastards. (I probably can't say Bastards on CH)

                        2. re: cgarner

                          California Cafe was a nice place to grab a bite. But I'm sure they were getting killed on their lease. Probably boku dollars I'm guessing at least $20k a month or more. How much plates of food do you have to sell to cover that. Plus the expense of other things like Labor which is a killer. Bertolini's an italian chain concept that is part of Morton's Restaurant group also closed in the past year which was only a few doors down from California Cafe. $15 for a plate of pasta isn't going to cut it no way. Been to Season 52 ambience is fine, food ok, it's a mall restaurant, would have been happy with the old bennigans there. Make that 3 restaurants closed in the year in KOP Kildares across the street went caput also. I have a friend who was hired to work at California cafe and he got screwed big time. I believe Season 52 is owned by the Darden group. Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Captial Grille, and Bahama Breeze make up this group. Out of all of the them Capital Grille is the only 1 worth going 2, it's can be expensive.

                          Bahama Breeze
                          2000 Route 38 Ste 1160, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002