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Dec 6, 2010 08:39 AM

Bobby Flay's pickled red onions

Last night on Throwdown, Miriam made pickled red onions for a hot dog challenge Bobby was doing. I could swear she said she left them sit overnight. had turned a beautiful shade of purple. I've been craving them ever since a recent trip to LA. What she made seemed closest to what I'm looking for but when I googled it, the Bobby Flay pickled red onion recipe looks completely different. Does anyone have a good recipe?

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    1. Here's a CHOW recipe

      I just use the lime/lemon juice and salt. Sugar, orange juice and peppers are optional. Variations on this are widely used through out Latin America

      1. I love the Moosewood recipe. Version here but it cuts off where it says to slice the onions very thinly. It's the right time to use your mandoline or similar.