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Dec 6, 2010 08:07 AM

Harvest Restaurant in PEC

What happened? I heard it was closed!

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  1. They might have just closed it for the winter (pretty common in the county). My folks were up there last weekend and didn't say anything and there was nothing in the paper about a close but who knows. It sort of looks half closed down most of the time if there are no cars in the parking lot!

    1. It's closed. For good.

      The chef has a new position as chef du cusine at Angelines, which is currently closed for reno and will reopen in early February.

      1. Michael Potters got sick of running his own place and decided to move on. I think he was also doing a reality show. Wonderful, wonderful chef. I will miss Harvest a lot. The service was always a bit spotty but the place had a lot of heart.