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Dec 6, 2010 07:41 AM

Ridiculous Hotel Breakfasts

I love a good hotel breakfast. But what I love more is when the hotel breakfast is included in the room rate. But it's so hard to search for on the internet. Hotels, especially the nice ones, are not very clear about if their breakfast is included or not.

Anyone out there have any recommendations of hotels with super awesome breakfast spreads that are included? I'm talkin' real spreads, not this silly continental shmontinental stuff. I'm looking for hotels in Europe, Asia or the west coast in particular.


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  1. We've stayed in several hotels in California-- lots of times the hotel will include breakfast if you call up and ask.

    1. Embassy Suites usually has a hot breakfast buffet. Some of the "budget" chains have a hot make-your-own waffle option. I have visited hotels within the same chain and had different breakfast experiences. You need to call in advance if this is your primary criteria.

      1. Four Seasons Maui has a ginormous spread. I mean it must be 50 feet long, with some cooked to order stations. Also, it caters both to Westerners as well as Asians given the location.

        Some rates have breakfast included.

        1. Europe's a big place and , of course, in many of our countries a "continental" is usual (although, of course, they won't call it that, it's just breakfast).

          Most chain hotels will not generally include breakfasts but are likely to offer it as a chargeable extra. In the UK, places away from the cities are more likely to offer an inclusive breakfast - although then it would be more usual for the "continental" sort of items to be offered as a buffet and the cooked items, toast and so on served plated. Would you not be better deciding where you're intending to visit in Europe and then searching for what you need, rather than asking the vague question about what may be on on offer in 30+ countries, many with diverse cultures which can impact on their breakfast offerings?

          1. I understand what you're looking for. We haven't found a chain that consistently offers a reliably fresh but not overcooked breakfast, unless you're talking about cereal and milk. Great hotel breakfasts exist but they aren't included with rooms unless you've got a package deal that includes them, and they're not at the price point of the average traveler. The Best Western Independence Park in Philadelphia has a waffle iron that makes waffles with the liberty bell on them, and they're decent enough, but that's about the only standout we' ve found.

            Mostly it's stale, refrigerated bagels, stale, soggy Danish and weak coffee. Sometimes there are rubberry eggs. Biscuits and gravy, if that's your thing, don't fare much better. I'd rather have an Egg McMuffin and pay for it. (Or a White Castle breakfast sandwich, in which the egg is cooked when you order it!)