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Dec 6, 2010 06:26 AM

vegetarian columbus ohio

i'm looking for a nice restaurant for christmas eve dinner, i'm the only vegetarian in the group so i would like to find somewhere with options for me but will still satisfy the group.

anywhere in columbus works, any price point, casual to fancy.

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  1. The most obvious choice is Dragonfly Neo-V cuisine, which is an all veg restaurant. They are very high end, your others diners more than likely would be satisfied, unless they need big hunks of meat.

    Many restaurants are accommodating. You should call just to ensure 1) they are open on Xmas eve and 2) they have something on the menu that will satisfy. If you are a pescatarian (eat fish), I am 100% certain any of these would be fine: German Village - Barcelons\a, Lindey's or M. Worthington Inn or The Refectory would also be on my list. Good Luck!

    169 E. Beck Street, Columbus, OH 43206

    Worthington Inn
    649 High Street, Columbus, OH 43085

    1. Cameron's in Worthington -Linworth has a great veg entree