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Dec 6, 2010 06:10 AM

Your favorite meat/deli market

Just trying to gather information on what your favorite meat/deli market is and why. My favorites are Osseo meats for their daily hot lunch specials , salad and sandwich bar. Wide variety of meats, jerkies and beef sticks. Great atmosphere there also. Another good one I have become fond of is Center Cut meats in Rogers. Good selection, Hot lunch daily. Small butcher shop and i have gotten to know the owner which can be and advantage.

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  1. Osseo is my first choice as well. Blue collar, full service, nice selection.

    On the high end, no one beats Clancy's.

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    1. re: BigE

      On prices, nobody touches Morelli's in St. Paul. About a week ago, I took home a six-pound bone-in prime rib roast for under $30. You can find their prices every Thursday in a full-page ad in the Star Tribune's Taste section.

      1. re: Db Cooper

        Shame on me for not mentioning Morelli's. For the money, you can't beat them for meat or booze.

        Beware, however, that they only accept cash.

        1. re: BigE

          Morelli's takes checks now too. Cash or Check, but no credit cards. That's part of the secret to keeping their prices so low.

          1. re: Db Cooper

            Can anyone tell me about Morelli's Italian sausage? Grazie!

            1. re: stymie

              I've had it a few times. It's pretty good and has a nice spicy kick at the finish. I'll admit that I prefer Costetta's version a bit more, but you can't go wrong with the price.

              If you are looking for the best way to eat it, my suggestion is to form it into links and then slow roast them (275) for an hour or so turning them every 15 minutes. I then serve them on a piece of Italian bread with a little mustard. Big hit every Super Bowl.


    2. For meat market - which I'm reading as "butcher shop" - my vote goes to Everett's (Cedar and 38th St., Minneapolis). Great prices, but even better, extremely knowledgeable butchers that will work very hard to get you exactly what you want. I've asked them some odd questions, and they've always been able to deliver. Clancy's I won't go near. Bad experiences there.

      For deli, you can't beat Buon Giorno in Lilydale. Very good selection of meats and cheeses (on the Italian side of things), and given the quality, some of the items are at fantastic prices. Not an exhaustive selection, but solid. Excellent sandwiches at very reasonable prices.

      1. I was not too impressed with Clancy's when I visited however they were very helpful when I asked to get my pastrami sandwich warmed up. Sandwich was very good but the crusty roll they made it in made the sandwich. Meat however I was not that impressed with.

        1. Cosetta's. Plus you can get sauce and meatballs and perfect parm.

          1. If you don't mind a short drive, or live in the southeast metro, Greg's Meats in Hamptom is wonderful. Great service, fabulous sausages, nice pork selections. I have not tried their beef. In fact, I'm hosting special party this saturday night and am looking for a 3-4 pound filet mignon roast. Wondering if I should give Greg's an chance, or night someonw have a recommendation for this particular cut of meat? Thanks!

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              I would do a chateaubriand. It would work well, and you can buy tenderloin for it, rather than pre cut and peeled Filet.
              A quick method search online would do the trick, its about as even a way as you can get a tenderloin to temp, without buying the barrel cut center, which will drive up the price. Just be sure to remove all the silver skin and fat from the outside of the tenderloin before you form the chateau, it will be easier to pound.

              1. re: mitch cumstein

                Thanks, I will give this a try! As long as it's meat I know my peeps will be happy. My brother-in- law often says: "The only thing better than Meat and Potatoes is Meat and Meat." And yes, it annoys me immensely that he is 6'2" and weighs 180# and has low cholesterol....

                ticrta, SORRY, didn't mean to commandeer your post.