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Where to Buy Marrow Scoops?

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Marrow seems to be a big food trend these days, but I'm finding it nearly impossible to find somewhere to buy some online. Anyone know of anything?

My Googling mostly yields antiques available at auction. And one site – http://www.savoirvivreutensils.com/. But I'm looking for something else. Doesn't seem any of the big guys – Caynes, William Sonoma, Crate & Barrel – have anything. Any tips?


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  1. Good luck on that. SLT doesn't even carry larding needles anymore. My suggestion would be Fantes in Philly, or failing that, E.Dehillerin in Paris.

    1. Some of mine came from a grandmother and I've added tp my collection from antique shops through the years.

      1. Talk about a business opportunity!

        I had exactly the same question. Try ebay.co.uk. You'll have to spring for international shipping, but it shouldn't be too terrible.

          1. They have them in mexico. not expensive either, you might want to try searching "cuchara para tuétano" if anything the shipping would be a lot cheaper than from england.
            Maybe I should start importing these, I visit family there often :P

              1. In the meantime, could you use seafood forks that have the flat shovel-y part on the opposite end? I have these: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=s...