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Dec 6, 2010 03:06 AM

Chinese Food in Amsterdam

I was sent this list of Chinese restaurants in Amsterdam as places to potentially try. However, it's kind of long and I have not been that impressed by Chinese food here so far, so I'm hesitant to just start at the top of this list without seeking some advice first!

> The "Lekker 2011" lists two restaurants with a Chinese kitchen in Amsterdam:
> - Chang I, Jan Willem Brouwersstraat 7. (Chinese, Fusion)
> - Dynasty, Reguliersdwarsstraat 30. (Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese)
> The "Gault Millou 2011" has the two restaurants above, and
> - A-Fusion Food & Drinks, Zeedijk 130hs. (Chinese, Japanese).
> "Simple Asian Fusion" dishes.
> - Geisha Restaurant & Lounge. Prins Hendrikkade 106-A. (Modern Oriental)
> - Oriental 128, Amstelveenseweg 128. (Classical Cantonese).
> - Sichuan Food, Reguliersdwarsstraat 35. (Chinese). Famous for its
> Peking Duck.
> Johannes van Dam recommends in his "Lekker Amsterdam":
> - Asian Kichen, Vijzelstraat 5a.
> - Chang I.
> - Nam Kee, Zeedijk 111. (Cantonese)
> - Nam Kee, Geldersekade 117. (Cantonese)
> - New King, Zeedijk 115-117.
> - Oriental City, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 177-179. (Cantonse)
> - Sea Palace Oosterdokkade 8.
> - Sichuan Food, Reguliersdwarsstraat 35. (Chinese).

I've been to Oriental City for dim sum and thought it was ... okay. I found the dumplings particularly disappointing -- the wrappers are thick and gummy and fall off the filling. It satisfies my need for dim sum every now and then, but if there's a better place, please let me know.

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  1. So by the lack of replies, should I take it that there really are no good Chinese restaurants in Amsterdam?

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    1. re: eoj

      Hi eoj,

      There's definitely a real lack of good Chinese restaurants in Amsterdam. Not sure why. Might be that due to historical reasons Indonesian cuisine has been very strong and might have kept Chinese out. Would be curious to find out the real reason...

      Off your list, I would recommend Nam Kee, Oriental 128 and maybe Chang-i. Nam Kee is the most authentic food, but very bare bones in terms of decor and ambiance. Oriental 128 describe themselves as "culinary Chinese", which means that it's rather high end and influenced by International / French cuisine. The food and especially service are excellent. Chang-i is more of a trendy, fusion style place. Kind of fun.

      Hope this helps!


      1. re: dutchgrub

        Thanks! If you have any recs *not* on the list, I'm totally open to other ideas. This just seemed like somewhere to start if there wasn't any other direction. :) Nam Kee sounds like the one for us to try first as we're after the food, not so much the decor/ambience.

    2. Hi eoj! probably....

      but since no one has weighed in, let me give it a stab. Also my breakdown should be tempered with time-distance factor that these places are from where you live/work. Although I’ve never been to Amsterdam here is where I’d start:

      A) Start Here Cause it Looks Like You Have a Fighting Chance:
      1.) Oriental 128 – Classical Cantonese.
      2.) Nam Kee (Cantonese)
      3.) New King
      4.) Oriental City (Cantonese)
      5.) Sea Palace

      Done right, Cantonese should have plenty of fresh, simply prepared seafood dishes.

      B) Save for Another Time:
      6.) Chang I (Chinese, Fusion)
      7.) Sichuan Food (Famous for its Peking Duck)

      I am not sure what kind of fusion Chang I does: Chinese-Dutch or Chinese-Peruvian? The Sichuan place looks intriguing but offering Peking Duck? It may be that this place really has many generic Chinese type dishes plus a smattering of Sichuan items.

      C.) Enter at Your Own Risk:
      8.) Dynasty (Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese)
      9.) Geisha Restaurant & Lounge (Modern Oriental)
      10.) A-Fusion Food & Drinks (Chinese, Japanese).
      11.) Asian Kitchen

      Chinese cuisine is a big boy and deserves its own seat at the table. A place like Dynasty is there cause the owners are afraid the Dutch won’t walk in if they only offer Chinese. Either that or the owners are overseas Chinese from Vietnam or Thailand. Either way, this is the last place I’d walk into given the lack of more detailed info. A Chinese restaurant with the Japanese name Geisha? Modern Oriental? What does that mean? Doesn’t sound promising to me. What are they serving up at the Asian Kitchen? This one might have gone up in category B but I fear they are again offering a broad range of what the Dutch might want in “Asian” food.

      1. Whew! I am relieved that one local weighed in and that in my non-scientific analysis, DG's best recs made my unofficial A list. There has to be at least one place (maybe more) where the Chinese living in Amsterdam will go.

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        1. re: scoopG

          I definitely noticed an Asian crowd at Oriental City for dim sum, but as I said, it still wasn't particularly notable. I'd guess it's maybe just insufficient population density.