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Dec 5, 2010 11:37 PM

Food at PDX Gentlemen's Clubs

As I understand it, there are 49 "gentlemen's clubs" within city limits, and that they are all required to feature a food menu as long as alcohol is also on offer. I have heard of only two which make more than a legally-compliant fuss about their food:

1. Casa Diablo, which offers a vegan-only menu

2. The Acropolis, which has a reputation for its steak.

Are there any other clubs where the food is anything more than code-compliant? Typically I see Select-or-lower grade steak, burgers, chicken sandwiches, tenders, fries, and the rest of the Sysco fryolator stuff.

Casa Diablo
2839 NW Saint Helens Rd, Portland, OR 97210

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  1. No, strip bar food is uniformly horrible. At least Mary's allows you to bring in food from the neighboring Mexican place.

    1. You've identified the 2 best places. Acropolis has more than reputation for steak. It has a reputation for quality sourcing. As the frugal travelor for the NY Times wrote:

      My little sister liked it, however, not for the performers (who earned it its nickname, the A Crop) but for the ludicrously cheap steaks. My eight-ounce sirloin cost $5.50 and came deliciously medium-rare. This being Portland, the meat was locally sourced, too, from cattle on the owner’s ranch.