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Dec 5, 2010 08:38 PM

Non-Italian food in and around Milan

I am about to move to a town near Milan - can't wait to get stuck into the local delights! However, having lived in Canada for the past few years, I have a passion for many types of cuisine - Indian, Vietnamese, Ethiopian etc. From previous holiday trips to Italy, and having a friend who lived in Verona for a few years, I know that I probably won't have the same selection of international foods that I do right now. But does anyone have suggestions for restaurants, grocers in or near Milan where I can find 'non-Italian' food and /or ingredients? Would love to hear of an Indian grocery store, for example.


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  1. Ciao Ragazza Irlandese.

    For an updated and exhaustive information I would suggest you to buy "Pappamondo 2011" A guide to Ethnic Restaurants + ethnic grocery stores and markets in Milano area.
    You can also buy the book online from

    Just a few suggestions:

    Asian Food Products (you'll find Indian specialties
    )Via Rosolino Pilo, 20
    20129, MILANO

    The ingredients will probably be more expensive
    Daewon Alimentari Asiatici (Korean)
    Via Sondrio, 2
    20124, MILANO

    Kathay International Foodstores
    Via Rosmini, 9-11
    20154, MILANO

    Poporoya (Japanese restaurant+market)
    Via Eustachi, 17
    20129, MILANO


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      Kathay Intl Food is the best! It is located in Milan's Chinatown and is packed full of Asian food specialties. It features extensive Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Indian foods. I've gone there to find fresh lemongrass, keffir lime, ginger, seaweed, red curry paste, garam masala, sake, and udon noodles. There are also a handful of good stores on Via Paolo Sarpi which is the main drag in Chinatown. If you can't find what you are looking for there, they probably don't have it in Italy.

      International Store (Paolo Sarpi 20) It's not as big as Kathay but it is open on Sundays.

      Da Zhong (Paolo Sarpi 4) Sells nothing but tofu. Find chunks of seasoned and fried tofu, tofu noodles, and fresh tofu.

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        Thanks to you both for your suggestions! Looking forward to some interesting shopping expeditions...