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best pasta carbonara on the westside???

1900Therese Dec 5, 2010 07:13 PM

please hurry...can't stop thinking about it!!!!

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  1. J.L. RE: 1900Therese Dec 5, 2010 08:51 PM

    Good question. I personally like the Shrimp Ibushi (charbroiled noodles) at Chabuya (on Sawtelle). It's got a decent amount of bacon, and quite tasty.

    If you perform a search on this site, it yields:

    ... And food master Jonathan Gold's 2 cents'...

    2002 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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    1. re: J.L.
      VealParmGuy RE: J.L. Dec 6, 2010 12:07 PM

      I concur with J. Gold about Enoteca Drago. Always satisfies the craving.

      Enoteca Drago
      410 N. Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210

    2. mnosyne RE: 1900Therese Dec 6, 2010 10:08 AM

      Best: Angelini Osteria--each strand is coated with sauce, the pasta is perfectly cooked; the amount of pepper is just right and the pancetta is superb; there's no pool of sauce in the bottom of the bowl.
      Worst: Bottega Marino--A sea of cheesy cream sauce in which pasta struggles not to drown--and loses!

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      1. re: mnosyne
        foodiemahoodie RE: mnosyne Dec 6, 2010 10:49 AM

        Angelini Osteria - you sure it's pancetta? Isn't that guanciale?

        Angelini Osteria
        7313 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036

        1. re: foodiemahoodie
          mnosyne RE: foodiemahoodie Dec 6, 2010 11:43 AM

          Not willing to bet my life on it.

        2. re: mnosyne
          Ciao Bob RE: mnosyne Dec 6, 2010 12:09 PM

          Is that really the WORST?

          Doesn't Marie Callender and the like (Applebees, anyone?) serve up some nasty Alfredo Sauce with fake bacon, and call it carbonera?

          Dan Tana's used to do a good one but I have not been there in years.

          Dan Tana's Restaurant
          9071 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069

        3. Phurstluv RE: 1900Therese Dec 7, 2010 10:33 AM

          Not traditional but the Quail Carbonara at Il Piccolo in Venice is OUTSTANDING.

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          1. re: Phurstluv
            Ciao Bob RE: Phurstluv Dec 7, 2010 10:54 AM

            That DOES sound good.

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