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Dec 5, 2010 06:31 PM

Help me use up my parsnips!

I have a winter CSA share for the first time, which is a delight in every way, but I'm starting to fall behind in using my parsnips. I've made curried carrot and parsnip soup, parsnip and celeriac gratin (yes!), roasted parsnips, parsnip and potato puree.... and still they come.

Any thoughts on what I can do with these things?

By the way, the other items packed in my fridge/pantry from my latest share are:
Leeks, kale, squash, potatoes, shallots, garlic, spinach, carrots. If you can help me get rid of/enjoy these at the same time, I'll owe you big time!


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  1. As for your parsnips, I know you said you roasted them, were they cut into sticks like french fries? I can even get my kids to eat them when I do them that way.

    Make a leek & potato soup. And braise your kale with the shallots & garlic, add spinach towards the end of cooking. Roast your squash and carrots together, then puree into soup, or serve with a roast beef or chicken.

    1. Put olive oil or butter in a soup pot, add a two shallots and soften/brown slightly, cut up 2 leeks and saute with the shallot. Add some chicken stock( not much if you want a puree/side dish, more if you want a soup) to the pot and put in 2 cut up parsnips. Simmer until parsnips are soft. Blend until smooth (stick blender is easier for me). Salt and pepper as needed. Good with thyme and a little parm. You can add cream or yogurt if you'd like at the end.
      I love all the winter veggies, but I understand if you feel like you're drowning in them. The good news is the potatoes,squash, and carrots all last a really long time. Put them in a cool, dry place and use them later!
      I love kale with garlic, spicy sausage and orecchiette.
      Use the squash to make a pumpkin-style pie, or just roast it with olive oil, salt, pepper and a little maple syrup in the last 5 min of cooking.

      Also, you could put all the stuff in a pot and make soup. Freeze it in batches and save it for a day you're not feeling well..

      1. Steam, cube and use them in place of potatoes in your tried-and-true favorite potato salad recipe.

        1. If you are not adverse to deep frying and have a mandolin or v-slicer, make parsnip chips.

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            I *love* parsnip chips - sweet and peppery and crispy and salty, all at once.

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              don't even need to deep fry--slice, toss with olive oil, s+p, and roast them. delicious!

            2. I love parsnips and can't find any decent ones here. I am so jealous.
              Somewhere I have a recipe for "white carrot cake" using parsnips, but I can't find it. This is similar.


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                I've made parsnip cake. It is akin to carrot cake. I think parsnip muffins or quickbread would also work, subbing them for carrots. My advice is to go easy on the spices so they don't mask the subtle parsnip flavour, which came through better the next day. I wouldn't spring this the unsuspecting public but if you like parsnips, definitely another way to enjoy them,