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Dec 5, 2010 04:57 PM

Restaurants along the West Coast

We are planning to take a vacation (with no kids) which would include driving down the West Coast - Highway 1 from San Fancisco to either LA or San Diego. My goal is to make stops / overnights in Jewish communities. Would any one know the most accessable restaurants along our route and our best bet for Shabbos meals? Thanks.

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  1. It is not on Highway 1 but one of the best kosher restaurants in US is in Mountain View - The kitchen Table - http://www.thekitchentablerestaurant..... Other than that I do not think you will find many kosher restaurants between San Francisco and LA - where you can check out Tierra Sur from what I hear another excellent restaurant in Oxnard - - best bet for shabbos meals would be in LA -

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      True. And even in the cites, restaurants are not always in the area frequented by tourists. One thing you might want to check is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I think that not every location is kosher, bus some are kosher and in locations like the Santa Monica Pier where a tourist might find them convenient. Also remember that you can walk into any supermarket in california and obtain bread with a good hechscher, hummus, lox, cottage and cream cheese. In other words, you could eat off the land in, say, Big Sur, and then hit the restaurant scene in Los Angeles.

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        I just saw on another web site that The Kitchen Table was still open (they are hosting a Covenant wine-pairing dinner), but I had heard it was in trouble, and Chaim David was no longer there.

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          Tierra Sur is an excellent restaurant- about an hourish north of LA.

          I would definitely agree with LA for Shabbat meals- so many places to choose from.

          All CBTL locations are kosher- sandwiches and salads are premade, all drinks have a hechsher on the mixes, and there's a teudah in the refrigerated case with the food.

        2. If you are planning on stopping between LA and San Diego, there are several options for food and accommodations in Orange County. How about Shabbat on the beach? Laguna Beach is beautiful, and there is a Chabad house directly across the street from The Montage Resort. The Laguna Reef Inn is immediately next door to the Chabad house. Chabad of Laguna can help you arrange meals, or you can arrange them through OC Kosher in Tustin. OC Kosher (in Tustin, not too far from Disneyland) now runs a full service deli with dining tables and is open until 7pm. Another option is to stay in Irvine (it is not on the ocean, but it is usually very warm and sunny and there is an eruv and a mikveh). Beth Jacob Congregation has information for visitors and offers home hospitality. Irvine is also home of the OC JCC which has a kosher dairy cafe (chalav stam).

          1. Can anyone update this post? We will be doing Highway 1 this summer. Any advice re: food between LA and San Francisco

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              Tierra del Sur is incredible, but not far from LA. Chabad of Malibu also has a restaurant on the beach. But given the proximity, save your appetite for T del S.

            2. Sad to say Kitchen Table is closed -

              1. After Tierra Sur, is there anything on the way to San Francisco??

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                  Look on the website of Emek Beracha. They list the whole Bay Area, and there is apparently an Israeli grill in San José.

                  Usually Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stores are kosher. Call the one in Santa Barbara or Pismo Beach and see if they are. They're always good for a toasted bagel and their ice blends are amazing, but they always put the calorie counts on their muffins so I don't buy them. They might have very overpriced but tasty wrapped sandwiches also.

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                    To the best of my knowledge, all CBTLs in California are kosher (non-CY of course).