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Dec 5, 2010 04:00 PM

Flank steak...on sale maybe?

Looking to make a boat load of beef jerky and like using flank. Anyone see Any on sale in Cambridge/Somerville? Or a little further would be ok.

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  1. Whole Foods on Prospect St. had some on "sale" last week at some point.

    1. Tony's Foodland on Broadway in East Somerville always has Flank steak at a very good price.

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        Nice ill check it out tomorrow thanks

      2. I've bought it at Costco (in Everett), trying to remember the price - maybe it was $6/lb? McKinnon's in Everett has it sometimes, too, but not always so you'd need to call ahead and ask.

        1. DeMoula's Market Basket has it in cryovac packs, together with the skirt steaks, usually on an upper shelf in the meet coolers in the Somerville store. Its usually a $1/lb more than skirt, but they are usually $2/lb less than Johnny's Foodmaster where the Broadway/Rt 16 store usually carries it too. I would bet the Demoula's and Tony's Foodland are pretty close in price. McKinnon's in Davis often has it, but you may have to knock on the butcher door and ask them to get it from the cooler or call ahead and they can set it aside. If you go to Tony's foodland, ask them for some "carne de sol de primeiro" salted/partially dried beef, you can soak it in water (or boil 30 minutes) and fry it with onions for a tasty snack. Primeiro means its from a more tender cut and usually is less salted than segundo, which is more for stewing such as with beans. The cheapest I have found in the area tends to be Hilltop in Saugus when on sale, but not worth a ride and quality varies. You can also make nice jerkey with top round, slicing it accordian style with the grain it as a lot more economical than flank and I wonder if a top blade roast (available with advance order at McKinnon's and Johnnie's) might also work well and has a nice beefy flavor.

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            A note on the carne de sol, you should simmer for closer to 20 minutes and not boil (my fingers were typing before my brain was working earlier), at least one change of water is probably necessary. Soaking would be at least 8 hours I would guess, again with probably 2 changes of water. Cube and make sure you reserve the fat (something where it differs from jerky) too as its considered a delicacy (and also partially renders and flavors the meat). Dry and fry only until uniformly brown. In the US most Brazilian butchers tend to use left over steak meat (from the top sirloin butt) thus cut smaller and salt the primeiro longer than many Brazilian butchers in Brazil (where a top round cut is most commonly used) probably around 24 hours. Often in Brazil today you can buy a fresher product which only needs a 30 minute soak and can be fried directly.

          2. MacKinnon's in Davis Square.