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Dec 5, 2010 03:43 PM

Exotic eats in CT

I'm looking for a restaurant that has "exotic" cuisine in Connecticut for dinner this week.
Basically something out of the normal American/Chinese/Italian/seafood type place. We don't mind experimenting with alligator or snake or something of that nature.

Location preferred would be the western 2/3rds of the state, nothing in the Groton/Mansfield third of the state.
Price $5-40 for each of us, we don't need drinks. If it is a more upscale place please mention it so we dress appropriately. Also we don't mind a hole in the wall sketchy place as long as they have good food.

If there are some creative places that fall into the above genres, you can recommend those as long as they do something unique with their dishes. For instance, BAR making a mash potato pizza would be something that would qualify even though it's just pizza.

Thank you!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Try Lao Sze Chuan on the Post Rd. in Milford. They have Tongue, Tripe, Kidney, Rabbit and Frogs legs on the menu all the time. As an added bonus the food is GREAT!

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        I agree with chefstu. Lao Sze Chuan is great. And Great Wall in New Haven isn't half bad either.

        If creative bistro-style is attractive, you can follow 116 Crown and Caseus, also in New Haven, on facebook and watch for when they post interesting items. Thali Too has really fun items on the menus, interesting variants on breads and tasty snacks.

        But what is exotic? Sounds like you want to try foods that are new to you and really GOOD. For me, one of the most fun foods I had this summer was eggplant fries at Sheik's in Torrington. They were not exotic, but new to me. I haven't been able to get back for more, but they're haunting my DREAMS.

        Good luck and post back with any goodies you discover!

        116 Crown
        116 Crown St, New Haven, CT 06510

        93 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT 06510