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Help! Chipped my beloved bowl! (From Crate and Barrel set, 2005)

I just chipped the largest, blue bowl from my mixing bowl set. It came from Crate and Barrel in 2005. It's a five-piece set, with bowls in these colors, in order of descending size: blue, green, yellow, orange, red. They have a cream colored interior. A photo of the set is attached, although the colors are brighter in person.

I LOVE this set.

I tried searching to see if I could replace the bowl online, but I don't remember what C&B called the set, and I can't find anything.

Do you know what this set is called? Or where I can replace the chipped bowl?

Any assistance will be much appreciated!

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  1. These bowls were called Addison bowls. Crate and Barrel comes out with different colors every Fall and Spring. Unfortunately, these aren't made anymore as they now sell Parker bowls in the Fall and Spring which do not have the smooth sides. I would check on eBay and search for Crate and Barrel bowls, mixing bowls, etc. They sold thousands of these and you should eventually find one. Good luck!

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      1. This is of no help to you but I have the same set from Costco in melamine.

        1. I recently saw the blue and green bowls with the flower pots at a goodwill store. They were chipped too.

          1. There are outlet stores that sell replacements such as you want. Near you, well, an hour and a half away, is one in Secaucus, NJ that we have visited. (Check to see if it's still there if you are interested.) There may be similar ones closer to you.

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              There's a C&B outlet in Cranbury, NJ too. That should be closer to PhillyCook than Secaucus. I'd definitely try calling there & they may even ship.

            2. How bad is the chip? Chips can be smoothed down. My Dad used to polish the chipped edges for Mom.

              1. Hi Phillycook, I chipped my sister's lemon colored Addison mixing bowl. Did you have any luck in your search?? I may be forced to buy a whole used set on eBay but thought I would ask before I start staying up late to bid on this...

                1. Did you ever find a bowl like the one that was chipped or are you still on the hunt???