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Dec 5, 2010 03:04 PM

An Abundance of Cider - would love your favourite, tried & true recipes

My friends at the local farm market were kind enough to give me 2 gallons of apple cider today as it expires tomorrow and their freezers are full.

I found a delicious sounding pound cake recipe here on an earlier Chowhound post but would love your favourite recipes/ideas.

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  1. Hi Breadcrumbs,

    I do not have one I have tried, but I saw an interesting recipe you might like (from the NYT - talking Hanukkah): There is a mouthwatering picture of them on a slideshow of Hanukkah food ideas.

    1. Chop up some butternut squash and put in a large, microwave save vessel. Fill up half-way with cider and nuke until almost fork tender. Roast the almost-fork tender squash for a few minutes to caramelize. Take the liquid and reduce down on the stove with some maple syrup. When the squash is done, puree with the reduced liquid. Add butter if you wish. Awesome.

      1. If you're not averse to frying, Deb's recipe for apple cider doughnuts looks pretty amazing:

        Maybe it's just me, but I vote hot, boozy spiced cider. Equally delish with bourbon or rum! ;


        Apple cider granita or sorbet? Reduce to a syrup and use in a sauce/gastrique for pork? Make into spiced jelly?

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          I just today cooked red cabbage in apple cider with a good splash of apple cider vinegar, coarse black pepper, and kosher salt .......a slow simmer well pretty darn good and tomorrow even better

        2. Chicken braised in cider with onions and prunes.
          First brown the chicken parts, dusted with flour, in olive oil, remove chicken, brown onions, deglaze pan with a little cider, then put chicken back, add cider halfway up side of pan. Add prunes, cover, bake at 325 one hour. Reduce sauce on top of stove after removing chicken.

          1. My favorite apple cider recipe is a ham cooked in apple cider. Stud it with cloves, score the fat, pour the apple cider over top, in a deep roasting pan, and baste occasionally. Delicious!

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              I do that too, but then I go a little further and surround the ham with mixed dried fruits to poach in the cider and ham juices.