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Dec 5, 2010 02:56 PM

Wine Shops in Miami/ Fort Lauderdale/Boca

I am looking for recs for good wine stores in the Miami/ Ft. Lauderdale area and will go as far north as Boca. Specifically I am looking for some good half-bottles of red. Thanks.

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  1. Wine Watch in Fort Lauderdale is an excellent, privately owned shop.

    1. Since you mentioned Miami and Fort Lauderdale, I assume Hollywood will be in play.

      Hollywood Vine, on Harrison Street is a very friendly wineshop/bar, across the street from Sage, probably one of the better restaurants in the area. Makes for a great dinner/after evening out.

      Seventh Street Wine Company, a little further north, in Fort Lauderdale encourages tasting anything they have in stock before buying.

      And, though I'll get flamed here, Publix -- if you've got the time, inclination and KNOWLEDGE -- has some excellent selections. You just gotta find 'em!

      Hollywood Vine
      2035 Harrison St, Hollywood, FL

      1. I like the total wine @ Shops at Boca Center
        I think they have an amazing selection and very helpful staff

        great beer selection as well

        1. total wine, ft lauderdale is huge with an incredible selection. love this place!

          Total Wine & More - Fort Lauderdale, FL
          1906 Cordova Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

          (954) 828-9463 ‎

          Total Wine
          14750 S Biscayne River Dr, Miami, FL 33168

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          1. re: gingersnap

            Agreed on Total Wine. There are a few around and no local wine shop can touch their selection or prices.

            Total Wine
            14750 S Biscayne River Dr, Miami, FL 33168

            1. re: GatorFL

              For those of us hoping to find somewhere similar, but with no access to a car (only in town for a few days) is there anywhere in the SoBe area, possibly Design District etc, that has a good selection at a reasonable cost? Mainly interested in trying some Californian Cabs and Oregon Pinot as have limited access to a good selection in th UK


              1. re: stanleyk

                As for Total Wine, they are the WalMart of wine retailers. They have a hugely broad and basically uncurated selection of wines, almost entirely from high-volume producers. Their pricing as a result may be better than other places, and if you know exactly what you want and they carry it you'll save a few bucks, but it's very much a crapshoot and it's more volume than quality.

                On South Beach, W Wine Boutique on Alton Road is good. There's also a new Wine Depot on Jefferson Ave. just south of Lincoln Road though I've not been.

                Near the Design District, Vintage Liquors recently opened in Midtown Miami, though I've not yet been there either.

          2. Check out the Wine Warehouse at 1301 E. Oakland Park in FTL, 954-561-9453. Ask for Felipe, the owner. Great prices, selection, and personal service.