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Dec 5, 2010 02:29 PM

Getting "sticky stuff" off of a new cookie sheet

I bought a new cookie sheet over the weekend by Chicago Metallic and the label was "glued" to the face of the pan where I'd put the cookies with a long streak of the glue stuff. When I went to peel off the label, the glue stuck to the pan & now I can't get it off. Its now mostly smeared along the middle of the pan.

I'm tempted to return the pan. Is there anything I can use to get it off?

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  1. rubbing it with your fingers usually does the trick. if not, try vinegar or even glass cleaner, then wash it in warm soapy water.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Haven't tried the vinegar yet - so I'll try that one! Rubbing with my fingers is what smeared it all over - usually it balls it up & it comes off....

      1. re: jenscats5

        yeah, been there. when that happens, if i don't have any "Goo Gone" on hand i reach for the glass cleaner - it usually works pretty well. but for future incidents, pick up a little bottle of Goo Gone the next time you're at Bed Bath & Beyond or a kitchen place like Sur la Table. the stuff is amazing - takes any label off in seconds!

        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          Well the label was about the size of a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper with the strip of glue down the center Why they can't put a small label on the back is beyond me.

          I have Goof Off but was afraid it would ruin the pan....

    2. Some adhesives are ammonia based, so that may work too.

      Now if someone can explain how to get the sticky stuff left behind by frozen taquitos it would be appreciated. I baked a batch of them instead of just nuking them, and they left a sticky goo that did not want to come off of the pan. I haven't had them in years anyway, but always wondered what it was, and how to easily remove it.

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      1. re: BIGGUNDOCTOR

        Try Bar Keepers Friend. Make a wet paste with it and let sit a few minutes and then gently rub with a wet sponge.

      2. The best way to get any glue residue off of surfaces is rubbing alcohol. It will come off in a snap!

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        1. re: Jax L.

          I was going to suggest nail polish remover, which may well have some of the same ingredients as rubbing alcohol. Or is it mainly Acetone?

          1. re: Robin Joy

            Acetone is really dangerous stuff, don't use near any food stuff or prep area. It is not the same as alcohol.

        2. My trick for getting anything from "sticky stuff" to ball point pen marks on upholstery off is.... are you ready? HAIR SPRAY! Don't laugh. It works! Spray it on a dry cloth or paper towel and rub until offensive material is gone. It will remove lipstick, ball point pen, label residue, all sorts of things. Buy the really cheap stuff in a pump bottle (better for the environment). I keep a spray bottle under the sink with my other cleaning supplies.

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          1. I recently bought a couple of beautiful pieces. One a large serving bowl and a large platter to use for Thanksgiving. Both of them had price stickers on the back and another one in the center of the bowl. "made in Portugal" ... and their logo. The one in the front center was so well done, I almost thought it was stamped on the bowl, it was flush with the bowl. I picked at it and much to my dismay the same thing you experieced happened. On one of them I tried polish remover and it turned it brownish, then I used that goo gone stuff- both of these are horrible and made a worse mess, and surely they're extremely toxic. What first came to mind was I don't want to use this stuff on my dishes. Next I ran some warm water and let it sit. What do you know, in about an hour (or less) the entire sticker lifted right off. Don't get into a hurry, try soaking it and leaving it alone, the warm water diluted the glue. Also, you don' t have to worry about scratching your new pan or dish.