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Dec 5, 2010 02:22 PM

Beater blade or side swipe for kitchenaid mixer?

Any opinions on which one is better? Is this something worth buying? It seems like a good xmas gift.


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  1. I've been wondering about this myself. I do a lot of baking (obviously) and sometimes wish I could skip the constant scrape-down-the-bowl-sides routine.

    I did pick up this "mixer spatula" from W-S a while back, but although it says you can use it while the mixer is running (!?!) I haven't attempted THAT. I do like how it's the perfect size to scrape the insides of the standard paddle's openings though.

    1. we got this side swipe for ours and so far it's a real winner. the beater blades that are supposed to do basically the same thing got so so reviews.

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        We too have a side swipe, and have been very satisfied with it!!

        1. Based on all the amazon reviews, beaterblade breaks much more easily while sideswipe is harder to clean because of all the inside corners.

          1. Has anyone compared the various models out there recently? Looks like there are three now.

            Beater Blade:


            KitchenAid Flex Edge:

            I've had the Beater Blade for a few years and the rubber is beginning to warp.