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Dec 5, 2010 02:09 PM

Where in Denver/Boulder area can I find Taramasalata?

Taramasalata is a Greek dip or spread made with fish roe. There are no restaurants or delis in Boulder that seem to carry it (fresh house made is preferable), and I only know of one place in Denver (Melita's) that carries pre-made dip in a jar.

Anyone know of other Greek restaurants or delis where one might find this treat?

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  1. I've had some at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant, but it was served as a side with one of their dinners and to be honest I can't even remember which one, it's been several years. But you might try calling them. 303-777-2391

    My Big Fat Greek Cafe
    560 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209

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    1. re: tesnjen

      Overall the food was very dissappointing. The taramasalta was horrendous...made with mashed potoates - gross!

      My Big Fat Greek Cafe
      560 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209

      1. re: Izzybalooba

        I recently had it there too and agree—awful. Bland and totally inappropriate fluffy texture.

        Chef Zorba's, I've noticed, has it; haven't tried it, but the menu looks decent overall.

      1. re: DrakeRemoray

        I had the taramasalata at Yanni's also and i thought it was very good....also rather large portion.

      2. They have it at Pete's Central One, but I didn't love their version, have to admit.

        1. I thank all of you who replied! I really appreciate your feedback and will try your suggestions...

          1. We like the Taramosalata made by Krinos and sold in a jar (14 oz) for $3.99. We've found it at Pete's Grocery, 5606 E Cedar Ave., Denver, CO 80224, tel. 303-393-6247 and also at the East European Market, 4015 E. Arkansas Ave., Denver, CO 80222, tel. 303-639-6171, e-mail:

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              Thanks - I'll have a look! I've been spoiled by the home made stuff, so I've not been keen to try pre-made in a jar. The last one I tried was pretty poor, but it was not the Krinos brand...