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In Search of Classic Onion Soup

looking for the classic crock with rich broth with a taste of sherry with plenty of melted cheese.

You favorites please? A bar would be a plus!

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  1. No "classic" onion soup will have sherry in it. A classic onion soup will have some white wine or dry vermouth AND a touch of cognac. So if you're looking for a place that serves it with sherry, don't look anywhere that serves authentic French Onion Soup, because if it's authentic, it won't have sherry. ;)

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        I don't know about authentic but Sophie's Bistro has good onion soup, and a bar. It's in New Brunswick.

        Sophie's Bistro
        700 Hamilton St, Somerset, NJ 08873

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          Yes, the onion soup at Sophie's is truly wonderful. Rob's Bistro in Madison also serves an excellent version. If a bar is a must, then Sophie's is the place to go. But be warned - the bar can get very crowded and noisy at times, to the point that conversation in the dining area becomes a problem. Rob's is BYO and quiet conversation is never a problem.

      2. The best french onion soup is at Arthur's Tavern in Morris Plains. A delicious soup to savor once you get through all the cheese melted on top.

        Arthur's Tavern
        700 Speedwell Ave, Morris Plains, NJ 07950

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          Not sure if it's the same recipe but the Arthur's in New Brunswick has a pretty decent onion soup also. By no means French by anyone's interpretation but still very good.

        2. I love onion soup! My favorites in the Monmouth county area include The Pour House, Sallee Tee's and Salt Creek Grill.

          Pour House
          640 Shrewsbury Ave, Tinton Falls, NJ 07701

          1. char steakhouse in raritan nj has a great one. homemade stock, nice crispy cheese top. have a good bar and for 6.95 one of the cheapest items on the menu.

            1. I just ate at Sophie's Bistro in Somerset and the onion soup, although sweet and not to my liking, just may be your cup of tea. It did however have the best tasting cheese I've ever experienced in onion soup.

              BTW - they do have a bar along with French music playing in the background ...

              Sophie's Bistro
              700 Hamilton St, Somerset, NJ 08873

              1. I love the onion soup at EnoTerra in Kingston, NJ but it isn't that traditional. The best traditional onion soup I've had recently is at Iron Hill brewery in West Chester, PA, not far from the NJ border. They make it with beer, and my kids love it.