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Dec 5, 2010 12:59 PM


Looking for lots of foie gras. Anyone got a tip where to buy at a good price? This thing cost more than an once of gold!

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  1. what is "lots" ?

    I suggest contacting the producers themselves if that is really a lot of it you want :

    as for the price, yeah, it's expensive, it is still a luxury product that takes a good amount of workmanship to make it right.


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      1. "This thing cost more than an once of gold!"

        Nope, not even close.

        1. "le canard libèré"- 4096 St Laurent(on the west side, just south of Mont Royal, north of Marie-Anne). You'll be in foie gras heaven. Go to the deep freezer at the rear. It's 25% off .

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            There's at least 4 shelves of foie gras in the freezer as well as duck confit. On the non refrigerated shelves are duck & goose foie gras mousses and tons of other things. I'm talking about Le canard libèré.

          2. The original comment has been removed