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Dec 5, 2010 12:48 PM

Village Whiskey

We had the deviled egg. It was hard the resist on a menu with a total of about 5 items. They were just OK. Nothing different then what you get at a backyard picnic. Interestingly, the serving was 3 egg halves. Why ever serve an appetizer not divisible by 2? BTW, wife and I actually split the odd half. Seems silly.

That was the best hamburger I've ever had. Period. 2nd best is light years away. The village and the whiskey burgers are basically the same except the addition of foie gras . I had the whiskey with the foie gras on the side. I ate it with toasted bread. The burger was with blue cheese and nothing else.

We also got the best service we've had in a long time.

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  1. They didn't try to up sell you an additional half?

    1. Does anyone know if they are still doing their Saturday Happy Hour?

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      1. Shoeman, thanks for the tip which does channel others here. Based on your previous post (Best Burger Bun) in which you note having sampled other "bests" this is high praise indeed. I am planning a visit at a time I do not have to wait too long (that would be more than 1 hour) for a taste of their, your, best burger.

        Your description of the deviled egg and the 3 half presentations is certainly vexing.

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        1. re: Bacchus101

          We waited over 2 hrs. But killed the time at Devil's Alley.

        2. There's an unwritten rule amongst chefs: even numbers do not look good on a plate -- that odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye. Start paying attention at other places; I think you'll find odd numbers more often than not.

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          1. re: BewilderedLineCook

            and amongst gardeners and interior designers and anyone else who displays things in hopes of enticing us...odd numbers are more aesthetically pleasing

            1. re: Bigley9

              You are a more earnest burger man than I, showman glad you waited and for your comments.

              Bewildered/Bigley yes understand the odd number concept in design, thanks for the reminder that it applies to food/plating also. I suppose if one thinks of an egg as a unit then the 3 half eggs does to me seem unusual ; but as they are deviled each half is a unit and by plating 3 one is following the conventions you both have stated. Exactly right, thanks!

              1. re: Bacchus101

                I would still guess that someone in the kitchen likes deviled eggs and 3 halves on the plate is a way to get one every so often! ; )

              2. re: Bigley9

                I have very little expectation regarding the presentation of a $3 appetizer. I hate knowing that someone else is eating my other half.

                I can see 3 if each piece is distinctive. But 3 deviled eggs halves on a long plate?