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Dec 5, 2010 12:16 PM

Dim Sum at Yummy Garden in Dover, NH

We had planned to have dim sum in Woburn, MA today but plans changed and we decided to eat local and went to Yummy Garden in Dover, NH (914 Central Ave) and all of us were pleasantly surprised. It was quite good. They had 24 items to select from the menu, not on a cart. Items we ordered included Chia Siu Bau (steamed pork buns), ha gao (shrimp dumpling), siu mai (pork/meat dumplings), rice steamed in lotus leaf, turnip cakes, etc. It was probably the best turnip cake I've had. Everything was good and tasted fresh. I've had plenty of dim sum in NY and Hong Kong and this place was pretty good!

Thought it be worth it to pass the word around. The owners are really nice and friendly. It would be a shame if we lost the only place for dim sum on the seacoast!

Hong Kong Restaurant
864 Page St, Manchester, NH 03109

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  1. I concur and will go on step farther by saying Yummy Garden offers the best Chinese food in the Seacoast area. I would avoid the standard lunch menu (combination plates), however, as those offerings are fairly standard and blah.

    1. I just got back from Sunshine Oriental in Concord, NH for dim sum:
      - their hau gao (shrimp dumplings) were not as plump and juicy as Yummy's
      - their Chiao Siu Bau had less filling and a tad drier than Yummy's
      - their siu mai (pork/shrimp dumpling) were good, but I give the nod to Yummy's

      So as far as dim sum goes... YUMMY WINS! It's dim sum is almost as good as any I've had in NY's Chinatown and in Hong Kong.

      HOWEVER, Sunny had items on the menu that were more typical Chinese. I was SO HAPPY to see fried rice with salty dried fish and chcken.. when I lived in Australia I found this hole in the wall takeway that was patronized by an all Chinese clientele and it was my favourite dish. I always had it and I always craved more.. Sunny's WINS on this one! Funny how global food can be... someone encountering Chinese food in NH that brought back happy memories of life down under!

      Both restaurants have nice staff! I'd support both. There's room in NH for both and we should patronize these establishments.. hopefully they'll stay open and will reduce the risk. I'd hate to see them close and perhaps be replaced by another Gosh awful bland Chinese buffet!

      Hong Kong Restaurant
      864 Page St, Manchester, NH 03109