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Nov 6, 2005 08:26 PM

Sushi in South Pasadena

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I'm looking for Sushi in South Pasadena. Any thoughts on Tokoro or Ai ?

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  1. Though I can't comment on the two restaurants you mentioned, I'd like to suggest Bristol Farm's for their sushi. I've always found the sashimi to be quite fresh and the sushi is great. The sushi chef will make your order right there for you if you aren't wanting any of the premade sushi boxes.

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      Have to respectfully disagree. I've gotten sushi at Bristol Farms a handful of times and never liked it. The rice is too seasoned imho, too much vinegar too much sugar, and throws off the balance of the whole thing.

      I've heard that Gelson's is much better, but I can't vouch as I haven't tried it. There's a Gelson's in Paseo Colorado.

    2. I have no experience with Tokoro. Ai was mediocre on my only visit.

      In that area, I would recommend a quick jaunt south to Z Sushi in Alhambra. It's very close to Twohey's. Absolutely first class (Z Sushi I mean -- Twohey's isn't.)

      1. I second the recommendation for Z Sushi -- although technically Z is in Alhambra (not S. Pasadena), but then what's a few municipalities amongst chowhounds, right? :-)

        Might also consider Sushi of Naples or even Sushi Roku if you want to head a bit up north to Pasadena.

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          Here is a link to my recent review of the omakase there. In sum, I really liked it and think it's the best option around that part of town.


        2. Ai is ok, but sit at the bar- otherwise it's impossible to read the little scribbled signs with the offerings.

          Tokoro is frighteningly bad.

          1. I would not recommend Ai. I used to work very close by there, went there a couple of times and did not like it at all. Our favorite sushi place is Futami, in Monrovia in the Vons Pavilions shopping center on Foothill & Myrtle. Not too horribly far away! Every place we go, we compare to Futami, and Futami always wins...enjoy!