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Dec 5, 2010 11:06 AM

Gourmet Food Store at Gallerie de Lafayette

We are trying to do a quick and reasonable lunch on a Tuesday directly following Christmas.

I recall grabbing a sandwich a few years ago at a nice grocery located in the Gallerie de Lafayette.

My memory is hazy...where is this located in that store? Are there areas to sit and eat there? Are there better quick options right there?


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  1. Lafayette Gourmet is past the main store and next to the Lafayette men's store, heading west. There is a sandwich stand on the ground floor, but take the escalator up to where all the food is sold. There are many famous name food outlets, including chocolates, pastries, and places to get and eat sandwiches, Greek food, oysters, etc., etc. My favorite kiosk is Bellota-Bellota. They have big Spanish hams which can made into sandwiches with, among other things, Manchego cheese. Reasonably priced for gourmet sandwiches, I think 7-8€. . They have plates, too.

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      That is exactly what I had...spanish hame was delicious. And I remember a huge gourmet food store to buy gifts for people.

      Bellota-Bellota serves what type of food just for my knowledge prior to leaving here.

      Yes, I went the one near the Opera Garnier.

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        Bellota-Bellota is the place for the Spanish ham sandwich. They serve other things for sitdown, but all I've ever had is those sandwiches. You can check out their site:

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            All this talk of Bellota-Bellota sent me back there today, since I had some things to buy at G. Lafayette anyway. This time, instead of getting a cheap sandwich to go, I sat down and ordered the prix-fixe lunch. It's 20€ for a plat, or 25€ with an appetizer or dessert added.

            This is pretty steep by my usual lunch standards,especially for sitting at a department store counter. However, there was too much to eat and they were happy to pack the leftovers to go.

            I've got three photos here. One shows two orange bowls, large and small. The small came first and I mistakenly thought it was an ungenerous portion of the gazpacho I had order for entrée. It was actually a coarsely chopped tomato dip for the bread. Oops. As a little treat, it was generous.

            The gazpacho made spicier with a bit of chorizo was completely pureed. I prefer gazpacho a bit chunky, but this was delicious anyway, and a generous bowl.

            By the time my Trilogy of Emotion came, I was already pretty full. So I ate the large side dish of pureed potatoes with olive oil, garlic, and chorizo (delicious) and only tastes of the meats. Those will be for tonight or tomorrow.

            On the trilogy are the famous Iberian ham, plus a chorizo and some kind of lomo. I apologize here that I don't remember for sure what these were called or what the Iberian lomo really is.

            1. re: RandyB

              I think it's just that, Lomo ibérico.
              Bellota-Bellota is expensive but actually not bad value, with such great products.
              This is probably not news for you but the chain has two restaurants in Paris, perhaps one in the suburbs also, and they are quite nice for sitting down more comfortably.
              They sell everything they serve at table and vice versa, and really each little thing, from the choice of Spanish wines to the tiny canned sardines, is delicious. And they really have good jamon of the three chief origins (Guijuelo, Jabugo, Extremadura) and olive oils.

    2. There are also several restaurants in the main building...

      Of course, we are assuming you mean the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris, non? (There are a couple of dozen throughout France)