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Dec 5, 2010 10:44 AM

Need a reasonably priced Glatt Kosher restaurant in the San Fernando Valley

We are planning on taking my father and the rest of my family to a Glatt Kosher restaurant for his 95th (kinanahara sp?) birthday later this month. We have eaten at Golan Restaurant and like it but would prefer a restaurant with a full bar. My husband and daughter and I live in Colorado where there is 1 kosher restaurant, in the whole state, and I would really like to have Chinese food if possible. Any ideas?

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  1. Have you looked at Mashu Mashu in Valley Village? It is Chinese food, but I'm not sure if it fulfills your full bar requirement. I like their hot and sour soup. There is a really nice bar at Bocca, but it is a steakhouse. It also may be outside your price range.

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      Mashu is closed, unfortunately. I recommend Golan on Victory. Better and more consistent hot and sour soup, by the way, as Mashu's was all over the place. I like Golan's quality, in each of its 3 genres- American, Mediterranian and Chinese. Better Chinese food (although a more limited menu) than MAshu's ever was (and my wife is Cantonese, as well as an orthodox Jew, from SF Chinatown, so she should know). I heard good things about Flora Falafel, which just went under Kehilla after being under another hechsher for quite some time. I've never eaten there, but I must admit I'm curious, especially about the shawarma.

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        I've been to Bocca's several times. It does have a full bar and good food but since we have to pay for about 13 people's meals, I think it would be way to pricey for this event. Does anyone know if Golan has a full bar?

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          Golan does not have a full bar- as you know since you've been there, it's a family restaurant that used to be a Denny's. It has some beer and some wine, not a good selection of either. But aside from the Chinese, of which Golan is currently the only example in the Valley, if you look at other genres of food, you still don't have many with a full bar. Temptations Prime in Encino may have a full bar, Sassi's in Encino may have one, but you'll pay for it in either case (though Sassi seems to be somewhat less expensive). Or if you really want the Valley Village area, Cafe Eilat just reopened, this time as a fleishig grill and deli, but also with only a beer and wine license. You simply may not be able to find what you want in the Valley.

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            Since we are in the Encino area if there is something just over the hill or east of n hollywood a bit, that would be ok too. But my father probably wouldn't be up for too much travel.

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              I think ganeden has covered everything I can think of. Sad to hear that Mashu Mashu went out of business. Is the sushi place still on that block? So many places have closed. It's been a long time since I've been to Sassi, and I don't remember what their bar situation is. For Chinese, I think your only other choice is to go over to Pico Robertson to Shanghai Diamond, but that may be too far for you.