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Dec 5, 2010 10:02 AM

What can I make with 2 pans of leftover (messed-up) peppermint bark?

My last batch of peppermint bark didn't turn out so well appearance wise, mostly due to me trying (and evidently failing) to learn how to temper chocolate. The dark layer didn't stick to the white, the candies got all mushed in the white.....but it still tastes great! Is there any way I can use these two gallon size ziploc bags of separated bark pieces to make anything? Maybe putting it in the food processor and using it for a coating for something, or some kind of cookie? I am making boxes of assorted candy for gifts and I hope I can find a way to reuse it.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Chop it up and make peppermint chip cookies.
    Use some on a trifle
    Coarsely grind and combine with ground cookies.cake or brownies scraps (also ground up) mix with a little jam and some booze, miz in the ground peppermint bark and then form in balls. Then dip in melted chocolate. Presto. Mint truffles, Miri Style lol. They're yummy.
    Chop and mix into softened ice cream.

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      The brownie truffles sound awesome. And if that gets too complicated (i'm just starting out with candy making), brownies with the crushed up bark on top would be good also. I never thought of that. Thanks!

      1. re: gentastic

        Yes, anything with brownies is awesome! Have fun!

    2. coat oreo truffles, mixed in a trifle, re-melt & add pretzels then break into pieces
      also, would be great as an ice cream topping

      1. Crushed and sprinkled over a frosted cake.

        1. Along the brownie line, just press into the top of brownie batter before baking.

          1. Crush it up, put it small girt bags and call it a topping for ice cream. Or try mixing some into a shortbread recipe.