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Dec 5, 2010 10:01 AM

Oyster Glove

I was visiting friends who are obsessed with seafood. They routinely serve oysters when I visit and they hinted that they need an oyster glove. A search on Amazon shows what looks like an Ove Glove, but some are selling for $250!
Will an Ove Glove work as an oyster glove or do I have to buy some special high end glove?

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    1. Any cut-resistant gloves will do. I am guessing the $250 ones you saw are made with stainless steel chainmail. That will be expensive of course.

      I think it really depends how often they do this. If they do this all day long, then sure, chainmail gloves are good, but if they do this like once a month, then get some cut-resistant gloves.

      I won't get oven gloves if that is what you suggested.

      You want cut resistant and water resistant, not heat resistant.

      1. I might suggest you get your friends one of the small wooden jigs to hold oysters for shucking. If the knife slips and you stab your hand--even with a kevlar or chainmail glove--it's gonna PUNISH their hand. Better to stab a piece of wood.

        1. Need or want? Your friends don't really "need" a glove, when two towels work just fine:

 (scroll down to the Simply Ming video)

          However, as pointed out in the link, if they really are going through *A LOT* of oysters then a glove *might* speed up the process. Otherwise, it's just another kitchen item to look after...

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          1. re: Joe Blowe

            Towels are all I've ever used - no problems whatsoever, even when I was first learning to shuck.

          2. Here is a less expensive SS glove:


            I have one, but don't use it much unless I have to shuck for more than 2 or 3 people. Otherwise a towel works fine for me. And make sure you get the correct hand. A right handed knife weilder needs a glove for the left hand. My gifter missed that detail. Of course you can turn it inside out, but then the wrist snap is hard to close because it's upside down.