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Dec 5, 2010 09:28 AM

Quebec City next week!

I had hoped we'd be in Paris for Christmas/New Years but.... I'm quite happy to be spending a few days in Quebec City (after indulging my husband's love of skiing first in Tremblant!).

We are renting a condo in the old city, which is great for me because I love to cook even when on holiday (we're driving on this trip, so I can take my knives & cast iron pan & a few other bits). But we also love to eat out. So what we are thinking about doing is having lunch Friday, Saturday & Sunday at places other Chowhounds might recommend and shopping for groceries for me to make dinner those three nights. But when I say shopping for groceries, I mean in the European style, if at all possible, going to a butcher and a cheese shop and a green grocer, etc. to gather provisions on a daily basis.

Thursday night (December 16th) we do want to have dinner out, so I'd love a suggestion for that evening as well.

And finally, a few hours away, we'll be in Tremblant for a few days skiing as I said. We're interested in restaurant suggestions, if there are any to be had.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Please give me an idea of where in old City you are staying and I will be able to help you for groceries and restaurants!

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      The condo address is 9 Remparts.
      The owner tells us it's a 5-minute walk to EVERYTHING; we think it's possible he might be overselling the place but, it has red brick walls and a wood burning fireplace. We would have taken it if it was a 15 minutes walk from EVERYTHING.

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        Hi CricketGirl,
        Didn't think the link would be so long but you need it to understand the geography of Quebec!
        Before starting just wanted to know if the condo you rented is legal or not. Will give you another link to to follow: go to this page and to accomodation in 2010 choose Quebec and if you find your appartment that is good!
        As you can see on the map you are on the corner of Hebert and des Ramparts so you have to choose between going up or down....down to farmer's market where you will find great cheese, spice, wine, bread and much more since it is Christmas time. Open 7 days a week.
        For good vegetables and fruits you will have to go up, walk on rue St-Jean pass Carré d'Youville and go to l'Intermarché maybe 15 minutes walking on the other side of the street you will find SAQ to by wine or go to the one in the Chateau Frontenac. Pass l'Intermarché 3 really nice place JA Moisan, l'Epicerie Européenne and Bégin for the butcher.
        From the condo at the corner of de la Fabrique and Couillard le Palet d'Or for the bread and croissants or a little further Paillard.
        Will be back to you for restaurants!

        1. re: phyero

          Wow! First of all, thanks for all the info on grocery shopping! We are going to have a terrific time every morning, visiting all these delicious places. I will report back on any particular gems we enjoy.
          Second, I visited the accommodation link - I don't have time now to peruse it properly. But, we found the condo on and have had nothing but good experiences using this website so....
          Looking forward to the restaurant suggestions!

          1. re: CricketGirl

            I will double check on VRBO, I also use this site but in Quebec it is particular many condos on that site are not legal, they don't pay taxes to the Govnt. If something happen since it is illegal no insurance will cover you.
            For your restaurants what king of food and atmosphere, how many $ ?

            1. re: phyero

              We are completely open in our food choices - anything & everything! Well, I don't eat lima beans or olives & my husband doesn't eat organ meat of any kind. Other than that...
              As to price... we don't want to,and can't afford to go to $$$$ with every meal, but maybe one, if another was just $. It's always been my experience when travelling that the places locals like to go for the little but still important occasions (not a 40th birthday, but maybe a 37th birthday, as an example) are usually the best places for visitors to go, too. Very high quality food & service,and quite reasonable (although not usually cheap) prices.
              Thanks for your help...

              1. re: CricketGirl

                How many lunch and dinner so I can make a first screening ....!

                1. re: phyero

                  Definitely dinner on Thursday (and later rather than early - say some time after 8:30 if that's possible), definitely lunch on Friday and on Sunday, a combination of breakfast & lunch, but not necessarily "brunch" if that makes sense. Saturday... If a really, really wonderful dinner restaurant was open AND less expensive for lunch on Saturday, then lunch, and I'll make something simpler for us for dinner that night (following your shopping suggestions!)
                  You do love your city, don't you??

          2. re: phyero

            Phyero, you said CricketGirl could go "down" to a farmer's market. Can you be specific with the name of the market and its location, please?

            1. re: AprilTwoCats

              Farmer's market = le marché du Vieux-Port in lower near the train station. It is open 7 days a week for a big part and more products from thursday to sunday from 9 to 5pm.
              Found a link for you but only in french.

      2. For Tremblant, drive into St. Jovite, and go to sEb - you won't find anything close anywhere else.

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          Thanks for this info. We are looking for just the one night of 'fine' dining so this place sounds/looks excellent. I suspect that this week could be spent indulging in much cheese and bread and 7 different duck recipes - if I can find duck to cook 'at home'!!

        2. Folks-

          Lodging and general tourist information is out of scope for this board, please help us keep the focus on where to find great food and drink.