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Dec 5, 2010 07:24 AM

restaurant on C2 bus route (London)

Ideas please for a restaurant for dinner near the C2 bus route ie Victoria - Hyde Park Corner - Green Park - Berkeley Square - Oxford Circus - Great Portland Street. Other specifications:

Good food (of course)
Under about £45 per head including wine.


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  1. a few thoughts:
    a) noura (not my personal favourite, but ..)
    b) ishbilya in williams street, a quick 2 minutes from hyde park corner
    c) bar boloud (scrimp a little on the wine?)
    d) l'entrectote (marylebone high stree)
    e) m&z cleveland street

    1. Close to Victoria (more in Pimlico) is a good gastropub called the Orange. Not too pricey and have had good meals there